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Green disc or a rotund female figure
Aliases The Oerth Mother
Alignment True Neutral (Neutral Good tendencies)
Divine Rank Greater Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Flan)
Portfolio Oerth, nature, rain
Domains 3E: Animal, Creation, Earth, Plant, Water, Weather
5E: Nature
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Oerth)
Worshippers Druids, rangers, farmers
Favoured Weapon Club, druid weapons

Beory (pronounced bay-OH-ree) is the Oerth Mother, the personification of the world of Oerth, who cares for nothing else but the well-being and fate of the world.


Due to the distance she puts between everyone, she has few allies, with her only ones being the goddesses Ehlonna and Ulaa. Berei is thought to be a lesset aspect of her.


Beory is worshipped everywhere in Flanaess, especially among those of Flan descent. Her clerics are contemplative and often work together with druids. They tend to be slow to act, as they always try to see the greater picture before acting, and when they do act, they are focused on the solution and direct. The clerics also wander the world to feel the sensastions of the world and heal any wounds on it.


The Oerth is the wellspring of all life. Whether on the surface, below the waves, or underground, all life is part ofthe cycle of birth, life, and death, and part of Beory. She inspires every living thing to grow, nurtures them with blessed rain, and calls them to herself when it is time to die. Disasters that cause widespread destruction are agony to her. The actions of individuals are of no consequence unless they threaten the Oerth.

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