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Bestigors are the most powerful and god-touched members of the Beastmen army, specifically being the elites of the Gors breed. Perhaps the easiest way to think of them is as the Beastmen version of Chaos Chosen, compared to Gors being the Beastmen version of Chaos Warriors. Introduced in the Realm of Chaos army book for 5th edition, they differed from the standard Gors and Ungors in that they fought exclusively on their own, rather than in a mixed unit - they also had +1 Weapon Skill and +1 Strength over the standard Gor. They next appeared in 6th edition's Beasts of Chaos, where they also doubled as the Chaos Undivided equivalent of Khorngors, Slaangors, Pestigors and Tzaangors, as well as being the "root stock" for featuring those units. This ability to become god-marked Gors was lost after beastmen were rewritten as the unwanted bastard children of Chaos in the first Beastmen sourcebook.