Beyond the Gates of Antares

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Beyond the Gates of Antares is a 28mm science fiction tabletop war-game, designed by Rick Priestley and released via Warlord Games. Set in the far future, it currently has seven playable factions:

Panhuman Concord

The military of the Panhuman Concord is directed by a branch of the IMTel called the Concord Combined Command – or C3. The Concord responds to threats against it with logical ruthlessness, dispatching heavily armed forces throughout Antarean space.

Isorian Senetax

During long centuries of isolation from the rest of Antarean space the Isorian IMTel was contaminated with alien organic technology, and became incompatible with the Concord IMTel.


The Freeborn are great merchants and traders whose fleets maintain a free-flow of commodities and technology across the whole of Antarean space. They hire armed troops to anyone willing to pay for them.


The Ghar are twisted, spiteful and pitiless creatures driven by an unquenchable hatred of all panhumans. They view other kinds of human as vermin that it is their job to eradicate. The Ghar themselves are hunched, repulsive creatures but they are rarely seen out of their huge, amoured battle suits. Their tech is relatively primitive, powered by unstable plasma reactors that constantly leak toxic radiation.


The Algoryn Prosperate is the largest and amongst the most advanced of the independent panhuman federations, and fights a constant war to protect its borders - particularly against the Ghar.


The Boromites are bio-adapted for asteroid mining. Their hardiness makes them highly valued mercenary fighters and they uniquely make use of weapons developed from mining tools including mass compactors and frag borers.

Ghar Outcast Rebels

Built around a core of freed Ghar slaves, these 'free' outcast rebels differ from the outcasts of the Ghar Empire's own armies. Commanded by rebel Ghar leader Fartok, many of the rebels are battle-hardened troops, competently led, and determined.

Antares utilises the same order dice that are used in Bolt Action, but has several key differences such as primary using D10s, and individual units having different stats.