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Da big noggin itself!

Sometimes, a Warboss realizes that he can't simply have any old scrap hut to lead his WAAAGH!! from, he needs something more auspicious: he needs a personal base that will impress every Boy, Nob, and Oddboy in the entire Sector. So, he salvages the head of a Gargant: regardless of whether the Gargant was destroyed in battle, or if the Warboss didn't have the teef to afford more than just a head, it nonetheless makes a potent and durable tower from which the Warboss can shout down at the scrabbling masses below.

Thanks to the Mekboys managing to hook up power to the salvaged head, this cerebral edifice comes with the Gargant's massive Gaze of Gork laser weapon fully functional, despite not having the rest of the Gargant to power it: depending on the firer's mood, it can either unleash a big explodey blast of energy, or a concentrated beam that can burn through tanks and carve the Warboss' initials into their armor. The Bunka can be upgraded further with extra Big Shootas, so that the Warboss' favorite Nobz can take potshots at enemies while he mans (Orks?) the big gun.

Regardless of armament, the Bossbunka's main role is to be a suitably dramatic dais from which to yell commands at his fellow Greenskins: to this end, many Meks install a microphone and array of extra-loud speakers on a "Shoutin' Pole" decorated with the boss' personal glyph. (Whether Goff Rokkas are permitted to use the Bossbunka as a stage and amplify their instruments with its sound system depends on the Warboss and his mood.)

On the Tabletop[edit]

In 9th ed, the Bossbunka is... surprisingly not that bad, especially for an Ork fortification. Durability-wise, it's Toughness 8, 12 Wounds, and a 3+ Save (somewhat underwhelming for a sizeable chunk of an Ork Titan), with its BS dropping from 5+ to 6+ on its last 3 Wounds. It does have Ramshackle, so that's something at least.

Its Wargear is a lot more impressive, though. The Shoutin' Pole extends a Warboss' aura by having it be measured from the Bunka's fairly impressive footprint, thus allowing him to buff more Boyz, provided he holds still. The Big Shootas are... Big Shootas, but combined with the fact that the Bossbunka is Open-Topped and holds 10 models, you can put out a surprising amount of Dakka from up top. The real fun, though, is the Gaze of Gork.

The Gaze of Gork has two firing modes: Squint and Glare, both of which are short-ranged, but fun, mechanically interesting, and powerful in the right hands.

The first, Glare, lets you put down a 3" pie plate. In 9e. The center of the radius can be anywhere within its max range of 24", but any unit (RAW, this includes Characters!) within range gets D6 attacks resolved against them, at S5, AP-1, Damage 1. While the weapon's power is nothing to write home about, if your opponent has a bunch of enemies clustered around an aura character or two, this could be very powerful. Not to mention the novelty of dropping a pie plate in 9e.

The second mode, Squint, is where we get into the gooey cheddar. It's only 18", but that's okay, because it's a longer-ranged, 3 Damage version of the FREAKIN' VOID DRAGON'S SPEAR!!!! Like the C'tan weapon, it hits at S9, AP-4, and doesn't roll to hit, instead drawing a line out to its max range, and dealing 1 autohit to every enemy unit it crosses. The beauty of this is that not only is it a powerful anti-tank gun, it also ignores the usual crappy Orky aim that plagues similar single-shot weapons. The downside, however, is its short range and immobility: any enemy with a lick of sense is going to try and keep from lining its tanks up in front of the angry Ork god eye.

Generally, the Bossbunka can be used in one of two ways: either as an aura buffer for a Warboss who wants to hide inside like a git, or Tellyporta-d in full of something like Lootas or Tankbustas. The latter is risky if your opponent is screening well, but if you get an opportunity, feel free to drop it in and let the Gaze and rokkits/Deffguns/Snazzguns roar! It's the closest we have on the tabletop to a Rok, after all.

Regardless, it's not small, so feel free to use it to block chokepoints on tight tabletops. Keep in mind that it does explode on a 6 when destroyed, and since it's a VEHICLE, it can use the "Careen!" Stratagem to suddenly hurl itself 6" across the table before exploding.

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