Black Consuls

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Black Consuls
Black Consuls Symbol.png
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Homeworld Cyclopia
Strength Fully rebuilt thanks to the Primaris Marines
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Black armor, white chapter badge, shoulder trim company color
Badasses wear BLACK.

The Black Consuls are a primogenitor chapter of space marines formed from the 22nd Chapter of the Ultramarines legion during the Second Founding. Its first master Arrias Cordos was known as "The Bane of Lorgar". Originally they were a fleet based crusading chapter much like the Black Templars, operating from the star fort: Noctis Obscurum until it was blown up by Dark Eldar infiltrators, causing them to lose all of their armoury, relics and written records. And yes, that does sound incredibly suspicious, especially with their first Chapter Master being a reference to Lorgar, in whatever form, from the Second Founding. Those that were away at the time of its destruction later settled on Cyclopia, a Hive World where the gangers were noted for tattooing the names of fallen comrades on their flesh, a tradition which carried on to the Space Marines that adopted them.

They were recorded as annihilated in 455.M41 at the siege of Goddeth Hive. While many marines certainly survived because they were elsewhere at the time (it is uncommon for an entire chapter to fight together), the great majority of the chapter was destroyed when the Iron Warriors they were about to defeat detonated the hive's nucleonic stacks and wiped out the whole northern continent.

History and noted Engagements[edit]

  • M.38 On Baliaris Majoris, the Black Consuls fought against a cult's uprising lead by the heretic prophetess Constanze.
  • Late M.40/ Early M.41 The Black Consuls used to be a space borne chapter until their star fort -the Noctis Obscurum- was destroyed by Dark Eldar Saboteurs. The chapter then moved to the planet of Cyclopia, and spent the next three centuries beating the living shit out of each and every one of them in a war that stretched across 15 star systems and ended up collapsing an entire sub-dimension of the webway. Note that it does not seem that the Dark Eldar have fucked with them since then. The rest of the Imperium should take notes.
  • 455.M41 The Black Consuls were falsely recorded as being annihilated during the Siege of Goddeth Hive. Details are scarce but the Iron Warriors were about to be overrun and instead of taking it they detonated the Hive they were defending.

Chapter Tactics and Character[edit]

The Black Consuls are some of Roboute Guilliman's biggest fans. They are one of the most strict adherents to the Codex Astartes and several past chapter masters have formed some of the most valuable counselors to the Lord of Macragge.

The Black Consuls are renowned for starting off their campaign with a massed drop pod assault conducted by the entire chapter. Less of a steel rain tactic than a Steel Fuckstorm. This makes them one of the very few Chapters to realize that the Chapters were intended to fight the same way they did during the Great Crusade. Back then, Space Marines usually operated through individual Chapters just like they do now. Except back then the entire Chapter deployed together. Which is probably what Guilliman understandably expected the Astartes to continue doing as they always had. The Black Consuls were (are?) one of the 20 Astartes Praeses Chapters who were (are?) tasked with guarding the outskirts of the Eye of Terror.

Current Status[edit]

The fact that possibly entire squads survived THE ENTIRE CHAPTER HAS BEEN REBUILT WITH PRIMARIS MARINES is a very bad thing for the Iron Warriors (and Word Bearers who are also believed to have had a hand in their defeat.) This is because the Black Consuls have a noted tendency to hold genocidal grudges against enemies who have hurt them, like the Dark Eldar for instance;

Also, there is definitely a small force on campaign in the Jericho Reach on the Achillus Crusade. They decided to stick around until a messenger came back, but apparently 250 years isn't too long to wait, so its possible that they're still there.

Cyclopia is still their homeworld. It is a Hive World in Segmentum Obscurum in the Calixis sector. This is not to be confused with the planet Cyclopea, which is a forge world in the same sector. To make matters more confusing, the 9th ed codex says the Black Consuls are "stalwart protectors of the Segmentum Pacificus".

Relics & Armor[edit]

Lorgar's Bane: A Power Axe the Black Consuls use to use against butthurt children. They thought they lost it along with their original Chapter Master until it turned out the Deathwatch took it.


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