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The Black Gobbo is an obscure special character in the Warhammer Fantasy universe who exists as a polar opposite to the White Dwarf, embodying all the most loathsome and nasty qualities of goblin-kind. He was also the namesake character of "Black Gobbo", a monthly online magazine counterpart to White Dwarf magazine published/hosted on the US Games Workshop website, which was devoted to various hobby articles for gamers interested in GW's settings.

Official Fluff & Mechanics[edit]

The Black Gobbo is a despicable creature who is so untrustworthy that even other Goblins don't really trust him. Which, in true greenskin spirit, actually generates a lot of respect for the Black Gobbo from these tiny, mean-spirited Goblins! Originally a puny Night Goblin known simply as Skitgit, the Black Gobbo possessed something that most Goblins lack: ambition. It took years of effort to become a full-fledged Night Goblin Warboss. The sheer number of underhanded, sneaky, backstabbing, traitorous, greedy, and cunning deeds Skitgit undertook in his career is absolutely astounding.

Dwarfs have much reason to hate him, as Snitgit made quite the career of trapping them and then stealing their prized possessions. Once he had gathered enough Dwarf loot and fellow conspirators, Snitgit made his move and successfully dethroned Warlord Izgabit Wuzzit. From that day forward, he became the Black Gobbo, and he continues to cause trouble wherever he can!

Name Points M WS BS S T W I A Ld
The Black Gobbo 190 4 5 3 4(5) 4 3 5 4(5) 7(9)

The Black Gobbo is a Night Goblin Warboss. He counts as a Lord choice. He must be fielded exactly as described here, and no further equipment or magic items can be purchased for him.

Equipment: Gromril Armor (4+ Save), the Hood of Night, the Thagi Az (counts as a hand weapon), Gotkid's Beard, and the Belt Buckle of Durzik Al Ankor.

Hood of Night. After years of plottin', plannin', and sneakin', the Black Gobbo finally earned his place at the top by kicking Night Goblin Warlord Izgabit Wuzzit into a ditch filled with acid. All that remained of ol' Izgabit was a pair of Trollhide trousers, which the Black Gobbo fashioned into his now-trademark hood. With this hood, the Black Gobbo commands such respect from Night Goblins and Goblins alike that he counts as Leadership 9 when leading them. Other troop types that do not involve Goblins in any way (Trolls, Orcs, etc.) use his Leadership value of 7 instead.

Thagi Az This legendary weapon was wrenched from the broken hands of Dwarf Lord Zagaz Harfut ("cuz it wuz perty lookin") while he lay crippled at the bottom of a cunning chute trap designed by Skitgit himself. The Thagi Az is a fine example of Dwarf Runesmanship...but now it's in the wrong hands. If the Black Gobbo scores a hit against an enemy who has a magic weapon, the enemy's magic weapon is destroyed immediately. In addition to this bonus, the axe confers a +1 Attack and +1 Strength bonus to the bearer.

Belt Buckle of Durzik Al Drazh. This enchanted item was once the proud property of an Ironbeard of great respect named Durzik. He was slain when the Black Gobbo tricked and cornered the Dwarf in a dummy that contained three hungry Trolls. All that was left of Durzik when the Trolls were through was his shiny gold belt buckle. Forged with runes of good fortune, the wearer of the belt may reroll any single D6 roll once per game.

Gotkid's Beard. Once upon a time, Gotkid Fenrig was a Dwarf Thane with a fine beard. This mighty beard was adorned with runic beads of protection that were woven into it. Then, while on a patrol in Undgrin Ankor, Fenrig fell victim to the Black Gobbo's patented "Cave-Mounted Stunty 'Ead Lobba Speshul." Now, Gotkid's beard sways to and fro on the Black Gobbo's belt. The protective runes within the beard confer a 6+ Ward Save for the Black Gobbo.

Really Hates Dwarfs. Most Night Goblins hate Dwarfs a great deal, but the Black Gobbo really, truly, fully, completely, absolutely hates 'em. A lot. The Black Gobbo may attempt to reroll all failed To Hit rolls against Dwarf models once during each and every combat round. This ability carries over from turn to turn as long as the combat lasts! Also, the Black Gobbo and any unit he accompanies will count as Stubborn when facing a Dwarf in combat.

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