Black Sentinels

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Black Sentinels
Battle Cry Take flight brothers!
Founding 21st (36th Millennium)
Successors of Imperial Fists
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Danik
Primarch Rogal Dorn
Homeworld Dersok 12
Strength ~1000
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Olive and Red

A chapter founded using doctrine of the Raptors and Wolf Scouts, making them into the urban ghosts of siege-fighters. Commonly fighting against Tau and Dark Eldar attacks, the Black Sentinels wear their opponents down with lightning-fast close-quarter ambushes. Their doctrine emphasizes getting a good hit in then hightailing it, which often comes into conflict with the "Eye for an Eye" mentality of the Order of the Waning Dawn. During joint operations, Black Sentinel Battle-Brothers are often seen legging it to their next rally point with a still-shooting Sister stuffed under his arm. Needless to say, this only makes them stealthier in the Orkiest way possible.


The Black Sentinels use a Rook taking flight and the rook chess piece to illustrate their watchful gaze over Dersok 12. Their armor is usually painted in a combination of olive and red to blend into their native cityscape. The red is close enough to the color of dried blood that it deceives the enemy.


Any male on Dersok 12 can volunteer for Space Marine candidacy from the age of 10 standard years onwards, and are actively encouraged to do so. The training is grueling, but those who pass are put up for review by a triumvirate of the Head Chaplain, a Veteran Assault Marine, and the Chief Apothecary. Even those who do not pass the board are highly respected, and are often encouraged to try again until they grow too old. Females are permitted to undergo the training process as well, but with the understanding that they are not in the running for Space Marine candidacy. Many Sisters of Battle in the Order of the Waning Dawn completed this training, which both goes a long way towards maintaining their relations yet simultaneously confuses the brotherhood over how reckless the sisterhood's tactics are.

The Black Sentinels also run the Dersok PDF training facility and often use this course as a proving ground for potential recruits. Those selected are relieved of their obligations and undergo a significantly harsher round of trials, most involving live-fire exercises against invading Xenos. Considering how often the Doran J’Kaara Demlok Outpost, Broken Alter Kabal, and Da Mad Hoodz Freebooters attack, there's plenty of practice.

Detailed information[edit]

Why Was The Chapter Founded? Strategic Prognostication - "Our tarot cards say there's going to be a threat here, maybe. Found a Chapter!"

Gene-seed purity Pure - Same as the progenitor in terms of purity, and will maintain close links with it

Chapter Demeanor See, But Don't Be Seen - Run onto the battlefield in colourful armour screaming like a maniac? *BLAM* No.

If one exists, what is the Chapter's Flaw? Death Before Dishonor (Same as Progenitor)

Figure of Legend Chapter Master Lorget

Deeds of Legend Chapter Master Lorget led an action against the Eldar craft-world Rei-Shor, boarding it and inflicting grievous casualties before withdrawing. He and his Chapter are especially hated by the pernicious Eldar, for whom the event is still fresh and raw.

Chapter Homeworld Hiveworld (Dersok 12)

Homeworld Terrain Urban

Rule of Homeworld Stewardship

Chapter Organization Chapter Divergent - The Dark Sentinels have no 10th company, instead of distributing their Scouts throughout the 2nd-5th

Combat Doctrine Close Combat

Special Equipment Blessed Wargear: It is common for members of this Chapter to have their Wargear blessed by a Chaplain before battle. Doing so puts the Battle-Brother’s mind at ease and more focused on the task at hand.

What form do the Chapters' beliefs take? Revere the Primarch

At what strength is the Chapter? Nominal Strength

Who are your Chapter friendly with? Dersok 12 PDF "Looters"

Who are the Chapter's enemies? Doran J’Kaara Demlok and the Broken Alter Kabal