Black Templar Neophyte

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The fuck buddies of the chapter.

So you know how a Neophyte is essentially a Space Marine in training? You know, the guys who are regulated to Scouts? Well, the Black Templars use their Neophytes differently because fuck you G-Man! We do what we feel like doing!


Black Templars Neophytes are not organised into a separate Scout Company like other Chapters. Instead, they receive their training from an individual Initiate who teaches by example. Because of this loose hierarchy, such Neophytes can be a part of any Black Templars Squad as necessary.


Since they are literally Scouts in all but name, Neophytes wear Scout Armour as per usual as well as Camo Cloaks, which enable them to imitate almost any terrain. They are armed with Astartes Assault Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols, Missile Launchers or Heavy Bolters.


Traditionally on tabletop, these Neophytes are often grouped with Initiates to create a Crusader Squad. The Initiates can be armed with either Bolt Pistol + Close Combat Weapon, or Bolter. The Neophytes on the other hand, can be armed with Bolt Pistol + Close Combat Weapon, or Shotgun. For more complete and up-to-date rules, you can check on the aforementioned Crusader Squad page.

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