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Black Tokyo is a D20 Modern setting inspired by hentai anime, particularly the tentacle demon and bondage variety. It is particularly notable for its high concentrations of OH DEAR GOD WHY.

The first rulebook came out in 2008, it was added to DriveThruRPG on February 13th and by February 15th there was a reaction thread.

Features of note[edit]

  • The new feats include the ability to control others by fapping into their panties, shitting your pants to gain an armor bonus, devouring unfortunate men with your gaping vagina and turning your penis into a mighty spear.
  • The Flow Witch class is based almost entirely around menstruation, lactation and bodily secretions in general. This includes the ability to cast support spells on your party by masturbating so hard that you drench them all in your magical womanly juices.
  • New magical items include magical date rape drugs, machine guns that get attack bonuses against rapists, and a dildo that will reanimate any corpse raped with it as an undead servant bound to your will.
  • Despite all of this, the author opted not to include rules for loli characters... because d20 Modern had that in its core rulebook, albeit unusable till Urban Arcana (All background but one that required high ability scores required a high age).


Beyond encouraging a "build your own supernatural sluts" approach with power-granting feats, Black Tokyo has a lot of races that build on Japanese mythology or pop-culture in some way. But Black Tokyo also remembers that Hentai can be really fucked up and so it also branches out into themes worthy of a horror RPG.

Akaname: Pathetic undead perverts with grotesquely long tongues who need to consume bodily filth. Based on an actual Japanese monster and not really changed that much.

Bloodstrong Men: Divine-blooded humanoids who, born from an act of godly incest, need to inbreed in order to preserve their tremendous power. Despite the name, there are Bloodstrong Women, too. Based on the fact that, in Shinto mythology, the literal parents of humanity were a godly brother and sister who fucked each other and produced humans.

Daughters of Kirin: Angelic monstergirls consisting of beautiful women with the legs of a horse (satyr style) and a unicorn-like horn, born when Kirin (the Japanese unicorn) fucks a mortal horse. Also have subraces representing their cousins; the children of human women with the Divine Bull, who are angelic cowgirls.

Dodoma: Attractive, androgynous humanoids covered in eyes who make natural thieves, based on a real yokai called the Todomeki or Dodomeki.

Futakuchi: The Japanese "two-mouth woman" yokai re-envisioned as stern celestial warrior-maidens, complete with prehensile hair, a bite attack, and variants who have a neck-pussy or vagina dentata instead.

Ironclub Oni: Hulking lusty ogres who are sometimes good and sometimes evil.

Kami: Generic angelic and fiendish figures.

Kijimuna: Lusty plant-girls who take their name from an Okinawan goblin.

Kitsune: Your standard cute fox-girl.

Koropokkuru: Grumpy dwarf-like creatures probably best known for their cultural affinity for bestiality.

Tanuki: The famous big-balled drunkard shapeshifting beastie.

Ubume: The ghosts of women who died in childbirth, played horrifically straight. Can be reincarnated if a woman successfully holds onto their ghostly baby and makes three successive Strength checks (DC 12, 1 5, 18); but if the would-be helper fails even one, she dies instantly and the Ubume loses D3 Charisma permanently.

Doujinishi: A hentai manga or anime character accidentally brought to full-fledged life.

Goryohime: A schoolgirl who committed suicide to be eternally cute, only to return as an undead. This is a lot creepier and honestly disturbing then that short blurb makes it sound.

Nekomusume: The obligatory catgirl race, envisioned here as a race of artificially engineered sex-toys that proved more than their creators intended.

Nikusui: Kid-protecting, wickedly spiteful child-shaped faeries who are out to butcher all pedophiles and other child abusers.

POETICA: Cute, sexy, loyal robot-girls.

Yurei: Murderous ghosts whose sheer hatred at the many crimes done to them over their incarnations has caused them to forsake the wheel to butcher the targets of their rage.

Hyakki Yokai: A bunch of little demons who pilot/crew a skin suit made to look like a human women.


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Aside from the original game there were also supplements. The series includes:

  1. Black Tokyo
  2. Black Tokyo: Tales of the Tatakama - 35 pages
  3. Black Tokyo: Chastity & Depravity
  4. Black Tokyo: Electric Town
  5. Fursona IV - Fur of the Yokai - crossover with Fursona RPG
  6. Back to School with Black Tokyo
  7. The Black Bestiary
  8. The Black Bestiary 2
  9. Black Feats
  10. Black Tokyo Unlimited: The Races of Black Japan

There is also a "Legends" subseries including:

  1. Black Tokyo Legends - Races of the Tatakama
  2. Black Tokyo Legends - Sex & Story
  3. Black Tokyo Legends - Spells and Gods of the Tatakama

In addition, there is Tournament of Rapists, which got removed from DriveThruRPG just a couple of days after publication because of all the complaints about its content.

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