Bladegheist Revenant

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Behold; when you all thought Nagash could not be any more of an asshole, when you all thought he had reached peak dickery when he fucked up the balance of magic in the realms, he went and surpassed himself, pulling these poor suckers out of some grimy, skeletal hole somewhere in Shyish. The Bladegheist Revenants are the Nighthaunt’s answer to sword-wielding infantry, whirling around the battlefield like they just snorted a pile of warp dust. This isn’t without reason; in fact, the flailing is exactly why they are so fucked up.

They are the souls of people who, when they died, were in an exceptional amount of stress. This encompasses very pleasant scenarios such as being stabbed with spikes, drowning, burning, etc. And because they tried to avoid death, Nagash, in all his wisdom, decreed this a crime worthy of eternal punishment. So when they finally do pop their clogs, that awful moment of panic? That’s your new eternity. The Bladegheists are given their swords, are uniformly blinded and essentially left to spin and flail with pain across the battlefield for eternity, cutting down others in a maddened frenzy. They're also cursed to sense the presence of nearby Chainrasps or Spirit Torments... which makes them flail around even harder as the Bladegheists mistake those fellow Nighthaunt for their captors.

Needless to say, them and the Dreadscythes were GW’s way of saying that AoS isn’t entirely Noblebright anymore.

Nighthaunt Units
Leaders: Cairn Wraith - Dreadblade Harrow - Guardian of Souls - Knight of Shrouds - Krulghast Cruciator - Lord Executioner - Scriptor Mortis - Spirit Torment - Tomb Banshee
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