Bladeguard Veteran

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It's like taking a page out of Oldschool.

The Veteran Squad of Primaris Space Marines. The Bladeguard Veterans are Primaris First Company veterans that are armed with master-crafted power swords, storm shields and heavy bolt pistols.

According to a recent Warhammer Community article, they pretty much confirmed that these guys are also part of the Deathwing, a rather sharp break from tradition considering that normal power-armored members wearing the company colors haven't been an official thing since Second Edition (with a possible exception being in the Deathwatch RPG depending on how canon you take that). With that, it's possible that Primaris Terminators are not going to be a thing, the closest to them being the Aggressors.

For some reason they get 3 wounds despite not wearing Gravis armour, which is what gives Aggressors and Inceptors their 3 wounds. (But Company Veterans, Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans, get 2 wounds each, and Terminators need to don, well Terminator armour to get 2 scratch that, Terminators have 3 now too. Alright, definitely no bias there. It can’t possibly be the fuck huge shields they're carrying since that means everyone with a storm shield would get an extra wound.

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