Bladeguard Veteran

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It's like taking a page out of Oldschool.

The Veteran Squad of Primaris Space Marines. The Bladeguard Veterans are Primaris First Company veterans that are armed with master-crafted power swords, storm shields and heavy bolt pistols.


Bladeguard Veterans are the Chads that go into battle clad in incredibly overdone armour that could give a Chapter Master a run for his money. Covered with so many seals of purity to be mistaken for a member of the Galactic Partridges and adorned with victory icons and heraldic items. Their stupidly overdone storm shields are the work of entire generations of Chapter Serfs, and the powerful force-field generators they house are said to protect the soul of their wearer as well as their flesh. This equipment comes out of the chapter's reliquaries during wartime, and it constantly reminds Battle-Brothers who exactly they are honouring upon their enthronement.

According to a recent Warhammer Community article, they pretty much confirmed that these guys are also part of the Deathwing, a rather sharp break from tradition considering that normal power-armored members wearing the company colors haven't been an official thing since Second Edition (with a possible exception being in the Deathwatch RPG depending on how canon you take that). With that, it's possible that Primaris Terminators are not going to be a thing (for the foreseeable future, at least), the closest to them being the Aggressors.


For some reason they get 3 wounds despite not wearing Gravis armour, which is what gives Aggressors and Inceptors their 3 wounds. (But Company Veterans, Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans, get 2 wounds each, and Terminators need to don, well Terminator armour to get 2 scratch that, Terminators have 3 now too. Alright, definitely no bias there. It can’t possibly be the fuck huge shields they're carrying since that means everyone with a storm shield would get an extra wound.

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