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Blam! is a post-apocalyptic game set in the neverending City of the Blame! manga. The entire solar system has been deconstructed to create the City, whose guardians have turned against the human population and now ruthlessly wipe them out. Access to the Netsphere, where the Governing Authority resides, has been lost over the centuries along with the necessary Net Terminal Genes. Silicon Creatures have infested all the levels of the City, spreading chaos and infection everywhere, along with their ideology of cyborg conversion.

The Blam! mechanics are very simple, utilizing compact Abilities (Skills combined with classic Attributes) on a scale of 1-100. Combat is very lightweight as well.

There are 4 attributes:

  • Structure: Physical damage capacity, size, mass, hit points
  • Energy: Each ability used needs energy to perform actions. More complex actions take more energy.
  • Ghost: Network status and presence. Mind damage. If your ghost is erased your memories are gone.
  • Memories: Unit of value, generic currency in the City

And 9 Abilities

  • Blast - firearms, energy weapons, longe-range, explosives
  • Fight - melee attack and defence, hand weapons
  • Resist - armor, resist damage/poison/mindcontrol/conversion
  • Move - dodge, athletics, climb, run
  • Hide - stealth, camouflage, evade, disguise
  • Find - search, track, detect, notice, perception
  • Hack - computers, netsphere, reprogram, infect, mind transfer
  • Recover - regeneration, healing, memory, endurance
  • Build - upgrade mods, repair things, change environment, take over bodies, matter conversion, construct items

Current version is Draft v0.6, 7MB. Character Sheet (500 KB) available here.

Changes in v0.6

  • New Introduction
  • 8 Adventure Seeds
  • 4 new Denizens: Chimeric Bear Guard, Watcher Fly, Silicon Imp, Gelworm
  • 2 new Safeguard: Sterilizer and Destroyer
  • 6 new Modules: Dragonfly, Recombiner, Effector, Glands, Battlenet, Massmind
  • 7 new Locations: Babilia Canals, Remant Citadel, Hanging Town, Energy Core Cluster, Suvival Habitat, STC, *Wireline Palacio
  • Expanded Netsphere section: Aspects, Substantiation, Architecting
  • Combat and chargen revisions; tweaks to armor, equipment, structural integrity, modules.

First thread discussing game details and faults is archived on suptg.