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TitleRemovedJinRoh.pngIn the Grimdarkness of the far future, a brief life burns brightly. This article or section is a work of Grimdark. Expect a copious amount of depression, existentialism, hopelessness with a sprinkle of edge. So what can we say but exclaim: I LOVE BIG BROTHER!
Cover of the 10th volume.

Blame! is a 10 volume post-post-post-apocalyptic cyberpunk manga by Tsutomu Nihei.

It follows the adventures of Killy, a man of few words and even fewer expressions, as he wanders a series of immeasurably vast superstructures known collectively as "The City". To aid him on his quest is his trusty gun, the eponymous Gravitational Beam Emitter (a weapon so potentially powerful it could make Exterminatus look like a wet fart) and Cibo, his seven foot albino scientist partner (who happens to be a gurl, who turns into an overpowered 7 foot anorexic robot, who turns into an anorexic cyber demon loli).

Their goal is to find something called the "Net Terminal Genes" in order to stop The City's protective measures from trying to kill everyone who doesn't have them and something something something... It's all very vague, it's actually pretty simple, just think zombie movie with trying to find the cure, only with robots, and reading through more than once will most likely be necessary should you for some reason want to get the idea of the overarching plot.

The series is best known for its unique style, art and subject, as well as being notably and unapologetically grimdark it's actually Nobledark once one gets far enough into the series, specially the end. This, combined with the fact that it lacks most of the stereotypical elements that put some people off manga, has endeared the series to a lot of fa/tg/uys.

Despite a complete lack of any sexual themes in the comic (the only reproduction actually seen is done by cloning and genetic recombination) many fa/tg/uys seem to have developed a hard-on for teh Sanakan. This could be due to her being a ridiculously badass female character who has a job that could be best described as Radical Inquisitor Sanakan kicks mass amounts of ass. Or it could be that her entire body is composed of cybernetics that look like leather fetish gear. Or the fact that she first appears as an adorable loli, and keeps the same face even after turning into a death machine. Or the fact that her battlemode gives her the appearance of a c-cup in a setting full of a-cup stick figure women. You make the call.

Also, mute elvish clones, rivethead warlocks, Mongolian dorfs who use harvested organ pouches as talismans, guns that make holes through several miles of steel...

Also Also[edit]

Inquisitor Valeria (Grey Knights Codex) now has access to a strength 10 AP 1 pistol called the Graviton Beamer. And thus we once again receive evidence of the God Emperor's benevolence, for somewhere in every pile of shit there is a tiny undigested kernel of awesome. Even if that gun was part of the fluff since the RT-era.

It's also got a Netflix animated movie adaptation released in May of 2017, and while it is its own story and Killy is more of a side character, it's still pretty damn cool.

Cyber Dungeon, a fanmade RPG is currently under construction at RPGnet. Since this is still only skeletal fluff after two years /tg/ has now taken the initiative. Blame! the RPG is a go.!

Blam! is a free homebrew game based on the Blame! manga, released on Dec 15, 2010.