Blightlord Terminator

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All right, it is time to whip out the Pain Train.

"In the 41st Millennium, the warriors of the Plague God continue to gather, with more elite troops arriving for the XIV Legion. The Blightlord Terminators are the vanguard of the Death Guard, combining advanced wargear with arcane gifts of plague."

– Warhammer Community

Blightlord Terminators are the elite Chaos Terminators of the Death Guard. They are relentless and unstoppable, elite Death Guard warriors bound forever to mutated suits of Cataphractii armor. They are all armed with a myriad of toxic and nauseous weapons such as Combi-weapons, Plague Spewers and Blight Launchers for long range and Giant Flails of corruption, Great Plague Cleaver, Bubotic Axes and Baleswords to shred enemies up close. They're a step up from the regular old Chaos Termies but is just below a Deathshroud in both rank, skill and experience. Think of them as the shooty Terminator to the Deathshroud's choppy.


Forever fused with their mutated suits of Cataphractii Armour, Blightlord Terminators combine diseased resilience with the protection and firepower of a standard Terminator. This arrogance of nigh invulnerability grants them the unique position of being insufferable cunts, a rarity of such douchebagginess within Papa Nurgle's realm that grates upon their Death Guard brothers, but the Blightlords make such exceptional rape machines that their masters go, "Eh, better pucker up." In battle, they serve as the shock troops of the Death Guard and are present in most warbands of the Legion. Due to the amount of time they spend embarked upon diseased warships, Blightlord Terminators are saturated with the corruption of Nurgle.

This foulness pours off them in waves, rotting flesh and corroding metal in an area around them. Where the Blightlords tread, crawling veins of corruption radiate. An enemy needs only to be gripped by them in order for these energies to start eating them away, while vehicles and fortifications exposed to the Blightlords’ presence quickly crumble into dust and echoes.

On many ships, Blightlords act as an elite garrison, standing ready to defend their vessels. During space battles, Death Guard Captains bring their ships in close to an enemy vessel, allowing massed formations of Blightlords to teleport directly aboard. Like parasites hatching in the body of a luckless victim, the Death Guard Terminators begin their destructive rampage. Once inside the ship, you can let the rape commence.

8th Edition[edit]

The Blightlords are similar to the classic Chaos Termie, with some Nurglite twists. They have Cataphractii armour, but instead of buffing Characters, they treat their melee attacks as having -1AP on a 6 to wound. And while they don't get Manreapers, they can still take almost anything a normal Plague Marine can as well as a few unique doodads. Furthermore, they get the standard +1 toughness and 5+ Disgustingly Resilient that regular Plague Marines get. Overall, a great elite choice no matter whether you want to kit them out for shooting or melee.

9th Edition[edit]

In this Edition, Blightlords and Deathshroud have gone from being good to being some of the best units in the game in terms of points. With S4 and T5, 2+/4++/-1 to all wounds and three wounds, they cost only 40 points per base, with even special weapons only taking them up to 45 points. On top of this, they can still teleport in while also getting their movement bumped to 5", flat out ignoring all modifiers to move and charge rolls and also not having to their rolls when it comes to advancing anymore; giving a faster moving, tougher and more cost efficient unit than most in the 9th scene.

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