Blind Horror

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The Blind Horror is a bio-form first engineered by the Hive Fleet Draugr during the invasion of the imperial world of Khardus III, in the Khardus System. This horrendous beast resembles a bigger version of a Ravener and much like one of them slithers across the battlefield using its long tail and its massive scything talons. At the end of said tail lays a sting that serves the function of injecting a powerful cocktail of hallucinations-inducing drugs that weakens the prey, leaving it at the mercy of other biomorphs. As the name suggests this creature is completely blind and locates its preys through the fear pheromones they emit in the air. The pheromones enter into the spikes in its back and get analyzed by thousands of minuscule sensory organs. Once the odour has been recognized the information gets sent to the main brain of the Blind Horror that sets the course to the source of the smell.

Encounters with the Imperium[edit]

Khardus III[edit]

The florid planet of Khardus III is in flame, the cities fall as the hive ships of the presumed dead Hive Fleet Draugr elevate from their underground tombs to reach the stars. Among the chaos, a black figure, surrounded by swarms of worm-like creatures, wanders the streets creating panic among the population. The highly trained soldiers of the Astra Militarum try to confront the beast but they are soon overrun, rendered helpless by a great terror. The planet is soon lost and the hive fleet escapes, no signs of the strange creature remains.

The Tariz Slaughter[edit]

During space travel the Inquisitor Marquis receives a communication from the training world of Tariz, informing him about a Tyranid invasion on the planet. According to the sender, a terrifying beast is roaming around the new recruits' chambers slaughtering anything it encounters. When the Inquisitor arrives the planet has already been devoided of all life. On a close inspection on the site of the call, he finds the bulked doors to the dormitories ruptured by large deep cuts. The damage does not correspond to any known biomorph and the Ordo Xenos is forced to file the case.

The Killer of the Maze[edit]

A group of imperial soldiers is sent into a massive Space Hulk to retrieve a lost imperial beacon. If at first the corridors seem empty, the small squad quickly finds herself face to face with a blind Tyranid biomorph. After recovering the artefact the soldiers are killed one after the other in a series of ambushes. The only survivor, driven mad by the experience, draws images of a devilish serpentine creature, the so-called "Blind Horror".

Fan-made Rules[edit]

8th Edition[edit]

This unit contains 1 Blind Horror (Power Rating 8). Only one of this model may be included in your army.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts
Blind Horror 12" 3+ - 5 5 6 6 9 3+ 165


  • A pair of Giant Scything Talons:
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Giant Scything Talons Melee Melee +3 -3 3 When attacking with this weapon subtract 1 from the hit rolls
  • A pair of Rending Claws
  • A pair of Scything Talons
  • Spike Tail:
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Spike Tail Melee Melee user -2 1 Each time the bearer fights, it make one (and only one) attack with this weapon. This is in addition to the bearer's attacks. A unit (that doesn't have the Vehicle or Monster keyword) that suffers an unsaved wound from this weapon has to always attack last in the fight phase and to subtract 1 from all its hit rolls and Leadership value. This effect lasts one game turn.

Special Rules:

  • Blind Beast: Flashbangs, smoke bombs and holo-suits are of no use against this eyeless monstrosity. Even unnatural reflexes and agility are no match for its heightened senses.
This model can't be affected by any rules or stratagems that alter its hit rolls, except for its Giant Scything Talons special rule.
  • Minor Synapse Link: The little psychic network it possesses is only capable of guiding small eater organisms, more than enough against the type of preys it goes against.
Friendly <Hive Fleet> Swarm units consider this model has to have the Synapse special rule and keyword.
  • Pheromones Detectors: The spikes situated on its back allow him to sense the fear of its preys, guiding it to masses of confused enemies.
This model can reroll failed charge and hit rolls against a unit which has previously lost at least one model due to a moral test.
  • Psycological Horror: The vision of such a hideous creature is more than enough to make groups of warriors freeze in fear. Soldiers flee in terror, not knowing that it will only draw the attention of the beast more.
Enemy units between 12" of this model are forced to take a Morale test, regardless of any special rule or stratagem, and said test must be taken on 2D6, discarding the lowest result. In addition, every time an enemy unit (that doesn't have the Vehicle or Monster keyword) within 12" of this model tries to take an action (moving, shooting, charging, etc...) it must take a Leadership test with a -2 to its Leadership value. If the test is passed it can take the action as usual, if the test is failed the unit is paralyzed by fear and cannot take such action.

Warlord Trait: If this model is your Warlord, it has the Mind Eater Warlord Trait.


  • Faction:<Hive Fleet>, Tyranids
  • Character, HQ, Infantry, Blind Horror