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Blood is a first person shooter developed by Monolith Productions and released in 1997. the story: You control Caleb, a deserter of the cult of a powerful dark god. This god is Tchernobog and his domain is controlling the portals between dimensions. He is assisted by a cult called the Cabal who tend to his every need and also act as his own private army. Caleb was one of the chosen, Tchernobog's right hand men and women. There were four chosen: Caleb, Ophelia, Gabriel/Gabriella (its a long story), and Ishmael. Each of them served Tchernobog faithfully until one day Tchernobog's plan was put into action: motivate Caleb to desert the Cabal so he will go on a rampage and kill everyone and absorb their power. Then, when he is done he will return to Tchernobog and Tchernobog would kill him and absorb the essence of those that Caleb has consumed. The first four episodes of the game end with Caleb destroying Tchernobog and absorbing his power and walking away casually LIKE THE FACT THAT HE ABSORBED THE POWER OF A GOD AND BECAME THE NEXT INCARNATION OF THE GOD WAS NORMAL! In the two episodes added to the game after the fact, Cryptic Passage and Post Mortem focus on Caleb's adventures after the end of episode four. episode 5: cryptic passage caleb travels to the carpathian mountains in transylvania to retrieve a evil scroll from the clutches of the cabal (the episode was originally titled passage to transylvania, i don't know why they changed it) and in episode 6: post mortem the cabal are raising hell again in america and have elected new chosen to lead the cabal and they are seeking revenge for caleb absorbing the power of tchernobog. the episode ends with the new chosen vanquished and caleb rides off into the sunset

Blood II: the story of blood 2 is that its 2028 and caleb has walked the earth as a undead gunslinger for more than 70 years. the cabal has become a massive international corporation and they are still seeking revenge for tchernobog. when caleb is riding the subway the new leader of the cabal gideon is driving the train and makes his cultists attack caleb and he crashes the train. after he crashes the train caleb gets off and chases gideon to a museum and gideon activates a singularity generator and revives the original chosen. gabriel is gabriella now because of a singularity malfunction. then gideon fled to his corporate headquarters and caleb follows him and shoots up the place. and ten gideon flees on his airship. after that that gideon accidentally brings back the other chosen and caleb learns that ophelia was the first to come through and caleb is enraged to hear that she is being held and caleb rushes after the cabal long story short he and the other chosen destroy the ancient one (a big elderitch monster that was sending monsters into our world) and get trapped in the nightmare dimension that's where the expansion pack nightmare levels for blood II picks up. the story is that the chosen are in the other dimension where there is a demon called the nightmare that forces them to relive their own personal nightmares all over again hence the title the nightmare levels Caleb's nightmare is the ice levels of blood 1 where he was being hunted by the cabal in the arctic and ophelia's nightmare is that before she joined the cabal she was in a college sorority. and she wanted to leave the sorority life behind and join the cabal. so she had to erase her past before her past before joining the cabal ishmael's story is that he was the famous circus freak jo-jo the idiot circus boy. and tchernobog called out to him and begged him to escape his captors and join the cabal. and gabriel's/gabriella's? story is that she had to spend the night in a spooky haunted house. the last level is caleb must push through a fake wild west town before he can reatch the nightmare;s lair and after he finds the nightmare's lair he kills the nightmare and him and the chosen walk off into the sunset and this was the unintentional end of the series. although for years fan games of varying quality have come and gone. the most creative part of the repository of fan works was always the fanfiction. until now...

Franchise is pretty much dead at this point (except for blood: fresh supply) because warner bros only wants to make mobile trash games and Monolith Productions has no choice and most of the old staff who are still there don't care either.

there is a blood rpg being homebrewed on /tg/ right now! that's why i decided to make this page so people can get some backstory on blood Welcome to your life: the blood rpg

link to the blood fan wiki so you can learn more: [[1]]\ link to Savagereaper's user page on the blood wiki: [[2]]