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The Blood Axes are seemingly the most unusual of Ork Klans for one reason: They've known about humanity and the wider galaxy longer than any other Ork Klan, and their best buddies have seemingly rubbed off on them.

Overview and Traditions[edit]

The Blood Axes are extremely strange to other Ork Klans, to the point that all of them to a greenskin usually mistrust them, saying they've become more like the 'Umies than their own kind. The Blood Axes don't pay them much mind, however. Because giving up their ways would mean giving up the thing that makes them different than nearly every other Ork Klan: Flexibility.

See, unlike most other Orks, who'd happily mulch any human that happens to have the misfortune of running into them, the Blood Axes have been fighting humans for longer than nearly any other clan, and have learned that they have their uses outside of being cannon fodder. They can give you things that you need if you go out and krump for 'em. They can give you this thing they have called "Sir-Plus" to make sure every Boy in the camp has a shoota. The kunninest of the clan can probably even watch Imperial formations and convince enough of his warband to try that stuff out. They've learned that sometimes the best kill is one you get by total surprise, thanks to them 'Umies with the black suits on. They might even end up funding your war effort if you don't tell them where all that teef and that Cruiser is going. And it is for that reason that the Blood Axes have both the most impressive grasp of tactics among their kind, and why a vast majority of them either end up a Stormboy, or a Kommando.

All of these "taktiks" of course, serves only to piss off the other clans, who feel like they should be killing those humies up front, but the Blood Axes have a different thought: getting shot before you get to krump anything is a major drag, so why not catch them while they're not looking? And indeed, it's what makes them so dangerous; nobody is going to assume that an ork of all things is going to know what the hell a tactic even is, and for the most part, it's not like their strategies are especially complex, but put enough of them together...and suddenly it can be. Many an army or fortification across the galaxy has been stunned and then soundly smashed in by the brutal cunning (or is that cunning brutality?) of interlocking strikes and blitzes, all fading in and out of each other to best get their foe.

They're even known to wear uniforms and use ranks and structure. Well, by ork standards.

On the Tabletop[edit]

In 8e, Blood Axes could best be summed up as the "Defensive/Stealth" faction for Orks...whatever that means. Do you like cover? Good! Because we gave the entire fucking clan cover. Seriously, their clan Kultur automatically gives any Ork that is more than 18" away from an enemy the benefit of always being in cover. And that's not just boyz or the occasional character. That's everything. Your Warboss? He's in cover. Your dakkajets even though they're in mid-air? They're in cover. Your Kommandos? In cover. All of your transports? It's in cover. That Stompa on the far end of the table by your coke can? You better believe that fucking thing is in cover.

Further, they get the fun ability to deep strike whole units worth of troops in using their strategem, or a character, if they happen to be needing one for it, making kommandos, boys with choppas, or even weirdboyz a constant danger, all for the low, low price of 2 CP max. However, their best use is to hole up and force the enemy to get closer to the Orks on purpose, and then spring your CC boyz on 'em. Snikrot on the other hand is barely worth the trouble, don't bother taking him as a character. Use their relic to give your warlord a second warlord trait, and suddenly make a Warboss with a power klaw into an utter nightmare, though it's so flexible you'll probably come up with a million different ways to use it.

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