Blood Claw

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The Blood Claws are the first and lowest rank in the Space Wolves chapter, to which initiates are assigned after completing their basic training. Unlike Codex Chapters, which assign Neophyte Space Marines to begin their combat service as Scouts, the Space Wolves employ Neophytes as assault troops, allowing them to vent their youthful enthusiasm and lust for battle on the enemy.

The Wolves believe that real (and thus manly) combat is the best form of training, and encourage Blood Claws to take their place at the vanguard and learn the skills of battle firsthand. The Blood Claws are enthusiastic pups of the wolfy wolves and, like any overenthusiastic puppy, they charge with berserker ferocity and a reckless belief in their own invulnerability. Such a berserker charge can turn the tide of a battle, but it also leads Blood Claws to take risks that are suicidal even for a Space Marine. For this reason, Blood Claw packs are usually led by a senior member of the chapter, such as a Grey Hunter or a Wolf Guard, whose duty it is to rein in the worst of their recklessness and mark out those who show real potential for advancement.

A typical Blood Claw pack numbers between 5 and 15 marines. Casualties take their toll, and their numbers reduce quickly due to the rampant retardation of the Wolves trying to be manly while furry, as well as the occasional piss-drunkenness. To the Wolves, this is a necessary process to separate the men from the boys, and weed out those too weak, slow, or incapable of having an erection while staring at a thunderwolf. Some Blood Claws take longer to outgrow their reckless phase (and some never do at all). For these, the "reward" is usually assignment to a specialized unit that makes the most of their love for speed and willingness to charge headlong into the fray - either the skyclaw assault packs or the swiftclaw bike squadrons.

After completing their transformation into full-fledged Space Marines, Blood Claws are issued suits of Power Armour, chainswords, and bolt pistols, along with frag and krak grenades, similar to the Assault Squads of Codex Chapters. One Blood Claw from each pack (or up to two in a pack of 15) may be equipped with a flamer, meltagun, plasma gun, plasma pistol, power weapon such as a frost axe or powerfist.

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