Blood Gorgons

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Blood Gorgons
Gorgon head
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin 21st Founding
Warband Leader Gammadin
Base of Operations Cauldron Born (Space Hulk)
Strength ~900 marines
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Chaos Undivided
Colours Burnt Umbra
So awesome they got the cover of the 6th edition Codex. But no representation in said codex, nor in any codices that have followed.

The Blood Gorgons are a renegade chapter of Chaos Space Marines created by Henry Zou for his novel of the same name. In doing so, he also did something that defied the very laws of the universe and Chaos: he made a batch of Chaos Marines that actually have half a shit worth of sense and purpose left in them. Their leader, Gammadin, has a FUCKIN' CRAB CLAW HAND. Suck it, Yarrick.

While most Chaos Space Marines lose it and become fun, psychotic maniacs with no greater goal in life than to constantly bathe in the blood of virgins, the Blood Gorgons were boring, kept their minds, and did silly things like get shit done.

Created during the Cursed Founding, they decided they weren't being appreciated enough by the Imperium and promptly left to do their own thing, inhabiting a Space Hulk known as the Cauldron Born. The colour scheme of the chapter is a burnt bronze, and they wear war masks that they claim can scare even daemons. They value their chapter's freedom and independence more than anything else and fight fiercely to defend it. This is slightly ironic then when you consider their main ritual practice, the blood bonding, a process where two Blood Gorgons share organs, blood, and other parts of their flesh with each other, literally swapping body parts. This creates a spiritual bond between the two, sharing feelings and sensations. While this might seem odd for a chapter that values independence, but Blood Gorgons are loyal mostly to their own chapter, so brotherhood and companionship goes a long way in this little group of renegades.

Not all in the chapter are bonded in such a way. The coven of Chirurgeon-Witches is a hybrid of Apothecaries and Chaos Sorcerers, led by Anko Muhr. They are psykers responsible for preserving the gene-seed of the chapter, creating new space marines, and performing the ritual that binds brothers together. Between their lack of bonding and their studies of the deeper chaos arts which the other Gorgons distrust, there is a rift between them and the rest of the chapter.

Such is their devotion to freedom they will devote themselves to no Chaos God nor acknowledge Chaos Undivided. A Greater Demon of Chaos Undivided serves as a patron to the chapter, although it is still afraid of much more powerful daemonic servants of the greater gods.

In their eponymous book, Gammadin goes missing and they get betrayed by Muhr, who was allied with a Nurglite warband to subjugate and turn the Blood Gorgons to Nurgle. Fortunately, a Blood Gorgon called Barsabbas manages to pull off some awesome feats like soloing a group of fifteen Dark Eldar Batman-style to free Gammadin. Once Gammadin returns, the Blood Gorgons (stripped of their weapons and held prisoner) manage to force the warband of 550 Plague Marines and 4 companies of Septic Infantry to GTFO the Cauldron Born in only nine days, killing their Terminator Lord and Muhr too.

This is the closest chapter we're likely to get to Chaos Reasonable Marines - they don't treat their slaves like shit (though they end up killing a few anyway) and they pick their battles carefully, constantly training to stay sharp.

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