Blood Throne

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The Blood Throne, sometimes called Khorne's pimp mobile, is the cousin of the much lulzier Skull Cannon; instead of shooting raging skulls that chomps on enemies like skeletal Pac-Man, the Blood Throne instead acts more like a command unit.

An echo of the mighty dais upon which Khorne himself resides, these Daemonic chariots are able to mangle all those who stand in its path. Blood Thrones are manned by Bloodletters, and upon its throne sits a mighty Herald of Khorne.

The Blood Throne is a mark of status, a manifestation of Khorne's own favor among his minions. Should the Herald manning the chariot stand high enough in the Blood God's favor, his blessing ripples outward from the throne and with it a portion of Khorne's wrath. Its appearance can dramatically enhance the morale and killing power of a legion of Khornate daemons or mortal servants of the Blood God like some kind of psychic blood-infused bath salts. This sensation becomes infused within the veins of nearby Daemons, driving them into a maddening frenzy.

With that said, whilst all blood is equal in Khorne's eyes, the skulls of the slain are not. Those of cowards are fed into the Blood Throne's baleful workings, consumed in fire to bring the Daemon Engine fresh vigour. Those taken from the truly valiant are claimed by the Herald and fused with the throne itself, eternal monuments to the futility of opposing the will of Khorne. In this way, the oldest Blood Thrones bear the skulls of Space Marine Chapter Masters, the Dark Eldar Archons of Commorragh, and the Warbosses of the Ork race stacked side-by-side.

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