Blood and Skulls Industry

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Blood and Skulls Industry
Notable Employees Machinator248
Notable Games treadhead conversions

One of the only 3rd-Party bitz manufacturers that doesn't have it's own website, Blood and Skulls Industry is rather an Ebay store ran by Machinator248, and is basically the one stop shop for all treadhead converters. Guns, turrets, sponsons, tracks, armor, hatches, wheels, kits for legit LED searchlights, Blood and Skulls just about makes it all for tanks and vehicles.

Specifically, Blood and Skulls's products include:

  • Every kind of gun and cannon for both heavy and light tanks that you could imagine.
  • Varient turrets, sponsons, and guns for Baneblades, Leman Russes, and Predators.
  • Parts for converting Blaneblades into Fellblades.
  • Deimos-style predator and Rhino conversion kits.
  • Taurox conversion kits for half-track, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations.
  • Jetbikes
  • A giant METAL BOX turret for Ragnarok conversions.
  • An alternate hull and turret for Chimeras.
  • There's also stuff like magnets, templates and tokens, for whatever that's worth.
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