Bloodcrushers of Khorne

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Bloodcrushers, more commonly known as the cavalry of Anal circumference, are the mainstay daemonic cavalry of Khorne. Bloodcrushers are Bloodletters who have earned a field day promotion, earning the privilege to ride upon a Juggernaut. Bloodletters do not claim a particular steed through any conscious choice, but by instinct. Perhaps only Khorne himself knows exactly who chooses whom. Honored Bloodletters are simply beckoned forth into the dark labyrinthine pens, armed only with runic chains.

Of course such an undertaking is not for the weak, for a Bloodletter must drag forth its chosen mount from the Blood God's stockade and survive long enough to break the homicidal steed. Many an aspiring daemon has leapt upon the back of an enraged Juggernaut, only to be thrown and crushed into an unrecognizable smear. Imagine a bucking bull challenge, except the bucking bull not only throws you off his mount but also tears you a new asshole.

Bloodcrushers are feared for their almost unstoppable charges. They rush headlong into the thickest part of a battle, scattering opposition as pounding hooves pulverize those not quick enough to avoid the charge.

In the end, Bloodcrushers are a cruel symbiosis. In legions, Bloodcrushers form the first murderous punch from a wave of Daemons. Juggernauts act as brutal battering rams, plunging deep into enemy ranks. While the Juggernauts gore and pound defenders, turning their lines into a bloody quagmire, their Bloodletter riders use their Hellblades to harvest a grisly bounty of skulls for Khorne.

A sub-type of Bloodcrushers exist known as Blood Stalkers, whereas most Bloodcrushers make blistering charges at their foes, Blood Stalkers will carefully hunt around the permieter of enemy defenses. These creatures are famed for mauling isolated sentries and annihilating clusters of scouts. They gained infamy assaulting the world of Daya. Indeed it is unwise to underestimate the forces of Khorne as blithering idiots who blindly charge at their enemies. Khorne is not only the god of murder but a god of war and strategy and will take full advantage against those he deems as arrogant.

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