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Dat lucky blue Grot from the Scraplootas, a /tg/-made Digga notable for being a T'au instead of a Human.

Dat grot'z got hipz!

Blues are also a race of goblins from D&D, click this think for them

And no, we don’t know why she has a swastika necklace either. But it might have been some certain weasels.(It’s in the wrong direction to be the nazi one anyway)

The Story of Blue on /tg/[edit]

A very shitty thread was posted on /tg/, about a cultural exchange with the T'au where they send a T'au Girl over in exchange for- Oh fuck it, who cares, it was a terrible opening. Cue a lot of generic fetish comments, and that sort of thing.

One poster wondered what would happen if the Orks were the ones to be a part of this exchange, and things spiraled out from there. People posted little stories of how they thought it might go, and a name was coined - Blue. The idea gained traction as the thread went on, and eventually ended up with a vaguely fleshed out character, one with drawings as well. The rest of the threads can be found here, though you'll need to scroll down a bit.

The story of Blue in the Universe[edit]

During Warboss Urtylug's raid of a T'au colony, the T'au were falling back and at one point abandoning a small colony on a satellite world. Orks of the Scraplootas clan were raiding the colony, looking for a cloak befitting a Warboss (he was looking to loot the Ethereal's) and taking advantage of a chance to show off their Titan, Boris.

Raised an orphan and accidentally abandoned by her caretakers during the mayhem, a young T'au girl was left alone in her habitation block. The Orks didn't even notice her, looking for a proper fight, but some Snotlings and Gretchin eager to steal her hiding place decided to gang up on her.

She then proceeded to pick up her T'au spanner and kick, punch and wallop her way into a corner, fighting off all the Snotlings and Gretchin in her way. Just at the right time, Big Mek Tinka Zizzbitz came to kick all the Snotlings upside the head for forcing him to do his own heavy lifting, indirectly saving the young T'au girl. Mistaking her for a blue Grot, and noticing she already had a wrench, he picked her up and told her to get back to work.

Thanks to her Earth Caste upbringing she had a rudimentary knowledge of machines and mechanics, and her ability to help the Mekboys inventions work made her a utility to the Orks (although really Zizzbitz just thought that she was a lucky charm due to her blueness and enjoyed her willingness to do his work for him).

Now the Ork Big Mek keeps her close and acts to protect her (at least telling other Orks to shove off), while she herself has an added ability to kick some of the smaller Orks/Grots upside the head if they do cause her trouble.

Her ability to add dakka and her understanding of T'au technology is also a boon to the Orks and "Da Blue Grot" has become somewhat of an endearing name for her.

She has a pet of sorts, a Squig who flies around in a small Drone. Showing off her very Orky imagination, she named him "Mr Squig". He buzzes around her, bumping into things often, hungrily chasing Grots, and being a general nuisance.

Also of note is the T'au spanner she has kept since she was picked up by the Orks. It is a sentimental memento regarding her unknown parents as much as it is a personal lucky charm, which she believes is more effective than any others she has used. Regardless of whether it is or isn't, it holds value to her. She is seldom seen without it.

She builds better than Grots, she's smarter than Grots, T'au warriors think twice about shooting at any Trukk she's riding and she's blue so she's lucky. The Scraplootas really picked a good 'un.

Anecdotes of "Da Blue Grot"[edit]

It ain't easy bein' Blue

Havin' to spend each day the color o' the sky

When I fink it could be nicer bein' green or red or green

Or somefin' colorful like that. (or green)

It ain't easy bein' Blue

It seems ya don't blend in at all with any ordinary fings

An' people tend to target you

'Cause ya standin' out Like dat flash or shiny loot

Or a zoggin' blue grot, I dunno.

But Blue's the color o' lukk

An' Blue can still krump an' fight an' win.

An' Blue is big wid Boris da Titan behind 'er.

Or important wid Big Mek

Or sneaky wid Snekkit

When Blue is all dere is to be

It sort o' makes ya wonder why,

why wonder why wonder, why wonder

I'm Blue, and dat'll be just fine

'Sides, it's all I want to be.

Blue learning how to be orky.

The Scraplootas loot a specific Tau colony world, Zizzbitz finds a blue grot. The rest is history.

"Yes, Shas'El. Orks, Shas'El. At once, Shas'El. What if she's an Ork, Shas'El? ...Yes, Shas'El."

In an attempt to better understand Blue, Farseer Vaedrisa pays the Tau Ork a nighttime visit.

It's a simple gig, get in, steal Blue's trukk, get out. How hard could it be?

Rockeata, Snekkit, and Blue ambush a few Blood Jaguars.

Mr. Squig learns a trick.

Blue decides to test her ambushing skills.

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