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An Ork Rough Rider. Boarboyz are part of the Feral Ork tribes. They ride warboars into battle. Warboars themselves are incredibly resilient and strong beasts, and can serve as a food source if necessary.


The Orks capture and train wild boars, which, for whatever reason, often inhabit areas near Ork Settlements. These wild boar-like beasts then become warboars, used s cavalry in battle. On rare occasions, warboars will be modified with implants and bionics to make them faster, stronger and tougher. These boars are called "Cyboars". The most rare and powerful Cyboars are the "Super Cyboars". These are more machine then boars, and only Warbosses ride them.

Boarboyz are usually the Feral Orks answer to the Ork Speed Freeks as they both enjoy the mayhem of going really fast and running people over. The Boarboy that rides upon the Warboar is usually armed with a small ranged weapon, such as a spear or bow, and a close range weapon, usually a Choppa or a Bangstikk, if available.

Orks that have developed a higher level of technology may use other small ranged weapons such as a Slugga or a Shoota. The riders may also be armed with anti-infantry fragmentation Stikkbombs or anti-armour Krak Stikkbombs. When a Nob or a Warboss rides a Warboar into battle they can choose from nearly all of the weapons present within their tribe or clan's armory.


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