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Gender/Physical Description: An azn trap. Androgynous-looking in the least positive way possible. Cross-dresses so frequently that everyone believes that he is in fact female. Wears skirts and t-shirts (often labeled "/a/"). Hair is short, black, with a flower hair clip. An antenna-like strand of hair (ahoge) is always sticking up, used to express emotion. Wears thin-framed, rectangular glasses. Flatter than a six year-old can of soda.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Quite obviously is very interested in and opinionated about anime and manga. Is one of the boards, but doesn't act like it in the slightest. He has a habit of dwelling on how much better the past was (it wasn't). Has been overtaken by the moeshit and waifufag cancers. Is paranoid about people finding out the secret of his gender (despite the fact that he's not fooling anyone) or his magical "girl" powers. Is constantly obsessing over power levels, and gets jealous if anyone is stronger than him (though that's not very hard).

/a/ tends to read loli doujinshi and manga openly in public, and enjoys reading untranslated manga despite a very rudimentary understanding of Japanese. (He also has a hidden love of BL, but will vehemently deny it and tell all the fujoshits to go bug /cm/ and /y/ instead.)

He's a master baiter.

Relationships: Tsundere to everyone, especially /v/. The only person he isn't mean to at all is /c/, who he sees as a little sister. /a/ is protective of /c/. Is relatively friendly with /co/ (though the number of /co/-related anime as of late has been getting on his nerves). He gets along with /m/ when they watch anime together, because chicks dig giant robots.

Has a good relationship with /g/ after the great Nyaa and Sukebei deletions. They came together to salvage their backups and make a couple indexes for all those magnet links.

Doesn't particularly hate /cm/ and /y/, but wishes they'd keep their fujoshit cancer to themselves.

Despite his and /b/'s status as the oldest two boards, they rarely interact anymore. It's probably for the best.

Was 'Together Forever' with /sp/ in the 4chan cup until 2016. They were also merged for April Fool's in 2017, and greatly enjoyed the flags.