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J/aco/lyn, board-tan of /aco/

Gender/Physical Description: A young woman named J/aco/lyn who, when she is wearing any clothes at all, dresses like a slutty American cowboy and speaks with a stereotypical western twang. That's /aco/-tan in a nutshell. She is depicted as an attractive blonde, drawn in a more Western style compared to the anime-style that other board-tans are often depicted. Her hair is very long, with two pointy bangs in front and a long ponytail in back which hangs down past her ass (and were it drawn totally straight instead of swooshing around dynamically it might even touch the ground). She always wears a brown cowboy's sombrero that has a cartoonishly wide brim, and a black half-mask (think: Lone Ranger) so that her eyes are always concealed (being drawn as pure white, but still with full range of expression). She also always wears a blue bandanna tied around her neck. Other than those aforementioned fashion accessorizes, she is otherwise very under-dressed. /aco/-tan never wears a shirt. She has large and perky tits which an under-sized western-style red suede vest tries to constrain, often in vain. She wears long, tight-fitting white gloves on her hands that extend partway up her arms with leather fringing around the cuffs. On her legs she wears rather revealing chaps which connect (barely) to a black belt with a round silver buckle, but wears no pants underneath. She wears white panties patterned with large black spots (like a dairy cow) and brown high-heeled cowboy boots. She sometimes also wears leather gun holsters on each hip with two six-shooters to match.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: J/aco/lyn is the acting sheriff of the wild west-styled pastiche town of /aco/, where she works to keep wandering /d/eviants and perverse foreign influence out. This often leads her into compromising and lewd situations, which she especially enjoys.

Relationships: J/aco/lyn has a black-haired Native American side-kick named /Aco/rn who is the Tanto to her Lone Ranger; she wears a woven Native headband around her forehead, a smaller cowboy hat with a large poofy green feather sticking out the top and is slightly more dressed than /aco/-tan (actually wearing a black bra top under her vest). /aco/-tan herself is the cousin of siblings /co/nrad and /mlp/-tan, but from the other side of the family so she shares no relationship with their other cousins /m/-tan and /a/-tan. She has a lust/hate relationship with /d/-tan, whom she blames for most of /aco/'s problems, but still has the hots for. Otherwise, /aco/-tan occasionally hangs out with /wsr/-tan, who is oblivious to her lewd nature, often meddling behind /wsr/-tan's back to interfere with getting people worksafe sauce, spiking it to be NSFW.