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Gender/Physical Description: /b/ can be drawn in any form, but should never be outright labeled with "/b/" as his actions should be the ones to betray who he is.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Unpredictable and full of contradictions. Novelty-seeking, contrarian, anarchic, gleeful, destructive, misanthropic, and occasionally obsessive. Has an interest in very many topics and is knowledgeable about them if he concentrates for a bit. Capable of being altruistic, if he's in a good mood. Is seldom serious although may appear to be so. Constantly pulling pranks, which range from harmless to destructive. Emotionally unstable under a facade of indifference and bigotry. Extremely self-loathing. Hates everyone and everything (especially humanity's constant bullshit), except for cats and Yotsuba Koiwai. Has a strong capacity for rage, but it falls short of /v/'s. May have at some point in his past attempted to "fight the world" as a starry-eyed idealist but not only did the world win, it kicked /b/ around for a while afterward and he lost all hope.

Special Power: /b/ is a shell of a human who is constantly possessed by spirits (effectively, Anonymous, but this meta detail is not stated outright). /b/ is invincible, and even if the shell is destroyed, the spirits of /b/ will inhabit another. Possibly is able to summon minions for raids. Alternatively has random tough guys following him constantly, even though they don't understand why they do it. Either version of minions have power in numbers, not by themselves. Minions may or may not listen to /b/; his control over minions is very rudimentary.

Relationships: Everyone hates /b/, but not as much as /b/ hates himself. /b/ is not very social and prefers to be left alone. Interactions with other boards are often hostile (especially against /x/), but not always so. May or may not play the vidya with /v/ and watch animu with /a/. Used to be in a relationship with /mlp/. /b/ has a cat, which is the only thing he loves unconditionally, probably because it reminds him of his own selfish antisocial self, but his love is not reciprocated.

Job: /b/ has no job other than collecting rent from the other boards as he is the de facto landlord of 4chan House. He had rich parents who didn't care and wrote him a blank check when he left or was disowned. Had a few jobs, mostly low-skill service jobs. Can't really hold any job down because of inevitable trolling. /b/'s finances are unclear: at times he is able to afford anything, while at other times he does not have enough for necessities.