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/bant/-tan, or Bantanna

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Gender/Physical Description: A medium-height, slim teenage girl. Her all-time messy, dirty blonde hair is tied in twintail. Her eyes are blood red. Her usual clothing consists of comfortable things, usually wears a hoodie and some kind of tracksuit or skirt.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: She is a playful geek, proud of her autism like everyone on /bant/. She really likes playing board games such as Risk and old vidya. Normally inoffensive and cheery in tone, she'll throw well-intentioned jabs and banter at people when the situation calls as per fitting her namesake. Though not a person with a short fuse, if sufficently angered (usually by people ignoring her or making her feel uncomfortable), her tone turns towards something more remincient of her upbringing, throwing more sophisticated versions of the slurs her father makes ("Negro" versus "Nigger"). In spite of being a red board, she dislikes porn and everything lewd in general like /pol/, but will only use her father's words for degeneracy when angered.

Consumes anime on a casual level, but this is largely done to spite her father and knowledge tends to be spotty compared to someone like /a/. She plays both old-school DOS games and more casual modern .io games such as PixelCanvas and MooMoo, and once managed to disrupt the former with the help of /jp/, /mlp/, /b/, and even /pol/ before losing ground to dirty communists in one of the few friendly interactions with her father.

Like /pol/ and [s4s], /bant/ believes in meme magic. She takes GETs (repeating digits on post numbers) very, very seriously in a manner rivaling [s4s], always excited when they're appearing on her board and fishing for more in areas such as /b/ and /pol/.

Her story: She came into being shortly after the destruction of /mlpol/; /pol/ initially wanted her to be a replacement for the late board, but being who he is failed in swaying her to adopt his views. She strongly dislikes him for this and has adopted a few mannerisms and interests in order to deliberately be the opposite of /pol/'s projected visions and occasionally steals his GETs to further spite him. She thinks that many of /pol/'s pet projects like Kekistan are stupid. Despite this, she still has small traces of her father such as knowing all the right ethnic and racial slurs if she wants to go beyond banting to being really offensive, generally reserving them for legitimate fits of rage.

AU Bantanna: AU Bantanna is a hallucination that Bantanna has every once in a while or under great stress. AU Bantanna is a manifestation of Bantanna's Repressed thoughts and feelings. Except for almost always having red eyes, AU Bantanna doesn't have a constant color because her colors depend on Bantanna's feelings. Most of the time, AU is colorless. When Bantanna receives an overwhelming amount of imptrash, AU appears and tries to convince her to be more board supremacist and/ or use weaponized autism to fight back. AU also convinces Bantanna to sometimes allow lewd or chaotic things to slide. AU always appears wearing the same clothes as Bantanna except that she has gym shoes, a zip-up hoodie, and higher-placed twintails.

Relationships: She is a child of /pol/, but isn't happy to admit it, despising her father and everything related to him. /pol/ moves his threads to /bant/ in effort to make /bant/-tan more like him, but this is rarely met with a warm reaction. Her mother is unknown and /pol/ refuses to answer the question who she is.

She’s good friends with [s4s], the two meeting when Keksandra walked into /bant/ during a session of /bant/kingdom searching for GETs, noticing all the potential memes she's playing with, including Cirno, which is how /bant/ learned about GETs and KoG. The two play make-believe with each other, with Keksandra bringing in her own toys and occasionally ruining things because she's at times too weird for /bant/. When it comes to GET gathering they treat themselves as friendly rivals.

/bant/-tan initially saw /mlp/ as weird like most people do, and the fact that she dislikes ponies (/pol/ tried to make her into /mlpol/2) only enforced it, but the two found positive relations and common ground in certain activities such as PixelCanvas, making /mlp/ one of the adults that /bant/ is able to be herself with. /bant/ makes /mlp/ feel nostalgic in return.

/bant/ knows of /jp/ and was given an introduction into Japanese culture by her, but is often decried as a secondary by the latter. /jp/ is willing to tolerate her as she's one of the few other boards that shares an interest in Touhou, trying to get her to play the actual games.

/vr/ taught her how to play shooters and other old video games and she will sometimes be seen co-opting with him when she has nothing better to do. /tg/ is in a similar situation in that she will play tabletop games with him when she can. When comitting to a role-playing game her characters tend to be well-played, but cliched ones with a habit of reusing them for different campaigns with minor changes due to preferring to stick to readily identifiable archetypes.

Other short term associations include /b/, who oddly enough taught her how to program in a moment of being more than an anti-social freak (they otherwise do not associate as /b/ is considered degenerate), /c/ (they both like Cirno), /k/ (/bant/ has some fondness for military aesthetics and strategy and many of her toys are model tanks), /a/, /toy/ (she loves toys!), /qa/ (will sometimes record her GETs for everyone to see and she's better informed than most boards about his existence) and /his/. Her relationship with /int/ is unknown.

/bant/ Kingdom[edit]

/Bant/ has a very creative imagination and likes playing with toys in her free time depicting popular board figures and original characters of her own design. These are done on the backdrop of an imaginary kingdom, which also functions as a showcase of what she views as an ideal world: a realm of fantasy and cliches known as /bant/kingdom, with each board figure having its own role in correspondence to what she thinks their personalities are like. A handful of these characters include the following:

  • Cirno, is an intellectually-challenged fairy only supported by likewise intellectually-challenged anons the Queen of /bant/. She likes to make sure everyone remembers that she's queen by hanging her flag everywhere. As a toy, she was among the first acquired by /bant/ and one of her favorites and how she got into Japanese culture, but is sometimes mocked for her tastes by /jp/ and [s4s].
  • Simon, the maybe blobfish, maybe salamander person is Mayor of /bant/, though his role can shift as needed as he has plenty of skills! He longs for Leaf Girl, but she's in a stable relationship with an American, making him very sad. Something like a /bant/ version of wojak.
  • Borche, a simple, good-natured farmer who likewise doubles as the captain of the guard. His favorite way to deal with threats is to burn them. Hates frogs, distrusts Apu.
  • Leaf Girl, the Canadian, a famous local known for both being very Canadian and having several conflicting rumors about her. Is she a foreign spy looking to overthrow Cirno as Queen of /bant/? A serial killing seductress wanted for her crimes seeking asylum? Or just a Canadian who knows how to cook a mean BBQ? Nobody knows, but she obliviously stole the heart of Simon. Only time will tell if she reflects his feelings for her.
  • Duke Nukem, the original man with the balls of steel and simply known by many as The Duke. Tells foreigners trying to disrupt the peace to blow it out your ass, especially non-American ones.
  • Apu A deformed Pepe the frog that really wants frens. In a meta sense, Apu is a special case of /pol/ giving /bant/ a Pepe the Frog action figure with was unknowingly defective in the box. Though she hates Pepe as much as everything else /pol/, she saw something in the deformed creature and decided it had a new personality, one that isn't rude or abrasive but wanted friends, rejected by the Pepes for being defective in a not so subtle jab of /pol/'s ideology.
  • Blepe, a being made to fight Pepe out of the visage of fellow Boy's Club character Brett. Originally among her first original characters, she gradually figured out that he was just a bad knock-off and as ugly as what he was meant to fight, and so he is featured less than he used to be.
  • The /bant/ Plant, a forced meme potted plant chalked up to be a man-eating monster. Or maybe he's just Simon's pet? Another one of her original toys.
  • The /bant/elope, a cheap antelope figurine that she used to substitute for horses and other beasts of burden before she could afford more toys. Occasionally still used out of nostalgia, but was never really popular to begin with.
  • Gondola, one of her favorites and often used as a general citizen of the kingdom as well as a mount from which the Queen and her knights rides. Likes comfy situations, dislikes Spurdo.
  • Spurdo Spärde, another toy given to her by /pol/, she found him too fun to dispose of and he frequently goes on adventures with the Queen as well as drives out enemy frogs. Is afraid to be left alone with Gondola.
  • Berb, A lovable blue blob that was created in the same instance as Borche, but was quickly forgotten to time and doesn't do much anymore. His location today remains unknown and macros of him are an antique to those days.
  • Satania, A mischievous demon who often tries to prank /bant/anna, she is however very clumsy and her pranks often end in failure. She wants to be an evil demon bit she's too innocent to actually cause any harm to others. Lots of people dislike her, for reasons unknown. She's a big part of /bant/ culture with her smug facial expressions and emotive pictures. She was here on day one.
  • Kagari, The main villain of the Kingdom. Contested the Queen's GETs for months, looking to usurp her. Her reign of tyranny finally ended when she branched out to /k/ and was taken down by the mods, although not without a fight. /bant/anna still remembers her fondly, despite most denizens of the Kingdom hating her at the time.