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Gender/Physical Description: Female. While /c/ claims to be 9-and-a-half, her lack of any records makes determining her exact age difficult, although she is clearly a child. Her long hair is frequently in ribbons, and it would be very uncharacteristic of her to wear something that wasn't in pastel colors. Wears two hair-clips in the shape of hearts that have "/c/" printed on them. Her characteristic dress has a large bow on the front.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Innocent and cutesy, but very quiet. In sharp contrast to the rest of the cast, /c/ loves everything. She cheerfully listens to everyone, although her attention span is that of a normal child's. She is frequently at play and wandering 4chan when she is not in the room she and /toy/ share.

She uses a variety of Japanese words mixed with her English, usually those involving referencing other people. She refers to /a/ as her "nee-chan", and thinks of /a/ as an older sister.

/c/ is oblivious to almost everything, including all the horrible things that happen around her, probably because her godly luck causes her to avoid everything harmful. /c/ doesn't understand the adult world around her, especially all the sexual innuendo.

Relationships: She is on good terms with almost everyone in 4chan. She looks up to /a/ as an older sister figure. Hangs out with the other children boards /cm/ and /vp/.

Meta Notes[edit]

Along with /h/, /c/ was the fourth (third) board added to 4chan on 10/06/03. It inherited the "Anime" supertype from the then "/b/ - Anime/Random." There was initially a problem with loli being posted on /c/, to which end "/l/ - Lolikon" was added two months later. /c/ has been in operation since being introduced.

/c/ is, in general, a very civil board, consisting almost entierly of threads filled with themed images of cute anime girls. There is little discussion, but there is a lot of content, and /c/itizens, as they call themselves, have relatively high standards for image quality. Males are allowed to be posted only if a female is in the image, otherwise that is the domain of /cm/.