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/cgl/-tan and /a/-tan thinking the same thing for different reasons

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Gender/Physical Description: Female, petite figure, pink mid-length hair, occasionally in pigtails. Almost always wearing a dress, although the exact style changes. Frequently in EGL. Every single part of her appearance is rigorously maintained and the amount of work she puts into herself at all times is apparent.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Outwardly cutesy, but internally vindictive, jealous and mean-spirited. Difficult to please due to the high standards she has for both herself and others. Hobbies include dressing up in EGL and cosplay, as well as manufacturing said cosplay. Otherwise she tends to concern herself with drama and the vast list of things she hates about other (usually female) boards.

Relationships: /cgl/ tends to dislike anyone who looks more like a cute little girl than her, including actual little girls. Because of this she has a fondness for /a/, seeing him as so lacking in femininity that she looks great in comparison. Her ability to appreciate others is based entirely on their superficial features, making her fond of /fit/ and /fa/. Other boards tend to recognize how vile she truly is and avoid her, particularly ones who hate girls on the internet.

Other designs[edit]


/cgl/-tan variant: Bagman

Gender/Physical Description: Male in his early 20s', a crazy cross-dresser who will never take his bag off. The bag is often labeled "/cgl/." People also refer to him as Bagman. Is often wearing a self-made knockoff costume of Kirsten Dunst's weeaboo outfit, although has very many outfits. The constant thing between all the costumes is the bag. Will sometimes be seen in nude picture.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Attends countless anime/manga and video game conventions, and loves cosplay. Can be antisocial or awkward due to Asperger's syndrome. Tries to conceal his inner weeaboo but fails. Often trolls females, whom he considers bitches and whores, in an attempt to steal their attention. Will photoshop his own pictures badly. Has a tendency to try and impersonate the actual, female /cgl/.

Relationships: Holds few relationships due to his oft-changing appearance and being a creepy fucker. He tends to stalk /a/, who is both better at cross-dressing and has copies of new series. Sometimes people will find him attractive due to the boards' universally low standards, but few will associate with him beyond this.

Meta Notes[edit]


/cgl/ was introduced to 4chan on April 7th, 2006, along with 10-or-so other boards. It has been in operation ever since.

/cgl/ has the distinction of being one of the few visibly female-dominated boards on 4chan, and has a reputation among other boards for being filled with "3D Pig Disgusting" and "Bitches and Whores." /cgl/'s occasional female hygiene threads do nothing to dispel the first notion, although the second is a subjective matter. Even then, /cgl/ has a penchant for drama, personal vendettas, namefagging, shameless self-promotion, and having a ridiculously high standard for cosplay quality.

That said, /cgl/ is also rather helpful on the whole, having a large number of tutorial images, recommendations, protips, and convention meetups. /cgl/ overlaps with /fa/ on some points of fashion (notably EGL) and some day-to-day things like hair and makeup, and with /fit/ on the points of weight loss and body shape. /cgl/'s entertainment interests align with /a/, /co/, and /v/ (not /tg/ or LARPing), and it is one of the few places on 4chan where posting a pony does not result in immediate thread derailment, deletion, or banishment. Generally speaking, /cgl/ cares less about what form of entertainment it consumes, and more about making good cosplays (or good drama).

It's also one of the few boards that doesn't seem to mind Board-tans as much.