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Expect PROMOTIONS and possible mental scarring. Also rape.
/d/-tan and /co/nrad

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Gender/Physical Description: Hermaphrodite. /d/ is a shapeshifter, but she has two basic forms that she uses most of the time. Her normal form is that of a tall, busty, mature woman with long black hair and two carefully hidden penises. She likes to tie her hair back, wear glasses, and dress conservatively during the day. /d/ also has a second succubus form that comes out at night. Her succubus form has green hair, horns, fangs, a third eye, and a tail. She can only manipulate her genitalia while her third eye is open. She often alters herself further from the succubus form by growing tentacles from her back, limbs, or hair, and/or turning parts of her to slime, the color green a constant throughout.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /d/ is nearly completely cheerful, respectful, and tolerant of others and their viewpoints and their feelings. She seems to have an interest in most people's hobbies. On the other hand, she likes one of her favorite hobbies the most - the hobby of raping people, namely all of them all of the time. Loves to talk and connect with the others, but these efforts are successful only to varying degrees. Thus, there is not a single board or entity that is free from her perverted adventures or imagination, and her ability to drop perversions into any topic, making her the only board on the site that can strike fear or disgust into all the others. That being said, she usually only rapes people in very specific ways and appears to have encyclopedia-like knowledge of every fetish that has ever existed. While she's sad at being shunned, she doesn't let that diminish her smile (;_;).

Special Power: Transformation. /d/ is capable of transforming into any biological form that she can imagine, but she must stay at least partially human in order to maintain control.

She cannot access her powers fully during the day, only capable of making minor cosmetic changes (e.g. hair, horns and "leather" for work) without the power of the eye.

Controlling her powers becomes more difficult when she is trying to control too much mass at one time, or she becomes extremely aroused.

Relationships: /d/ is on friendly terms with the hentai boards because of shared interests, among other things. She has a unique relationship with /x/ as well, coming from the fact that /d/ actually believes /x/ about her paranormal experiences (she's fascinated at the prospect of sexing aliens, ghosts, and demons). Oh and she also likes to rape /x/. /x/ is unsure whether she likes this or not. Has on and off moments with /pol/ depending on which of his manias control him at the moment, and feels uncomfortable when he goes on a degenerates rant, though he isn't usually addressing her. Has an interesting relation with /k/, as only she understands his complete and utter love for guns, and doesn't find it odd at all that he in more unguarded moments sexualizes them. She would love to lick the blades of his knives with her long tongue, but knows /k/ wouldn't like that (blood and spit needs to be cleaned). The other boards treat her with varying degrees of revulsion or reluctant attraction, the latter consisting mostly of /tg/ and /co/ and certain parts of /vg/ and sometimes /vp/. As can be seen from the picture, /co/ is nervous around her, but still attracted in a bizarre sense. A true hero. /tg/ generally is one of the most compatible with her, and she doesn't at all mind him being a neckbeard. Unfortunately, he doesn't like how she usually picks Slaanesh in games, when the other Chaos Gods are just as valid.

The sad truth is that she is very alone inside, and it hurts her every day.

Meta Notes[edit]

/d/ (along with /c/) was the third (and fourth) board added to 4chan on the 6th day of operation: 10/06/03. It inherits /h/'s "Hentai" super-title. /d/ has been in operation ever since being introduced.

/d/ is currently the most bizarre porn board on 4chan, dealing with all hentai short of bestiality, loli, guro, and scat. /d/ has been said to stand for /d/ickgirls for the large amount of futanari that gets posted there. Despite (or perhaps because of) its sexually deviant nature, /d/ gets a fair bit of discussion about lots of topics, but especially pertaining to sex and fetishes. True to the characterization above, nearly all of it is respectful and the people are kind which makes it a lovely place...if you can stand the content posted there.