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Gender/Physical Description: 18. Female. Ambiguously white (as in "we are Japanese but we all look white"). Has brown hair with pigtails that go down to her waist. Eyes are green. Figure is that of the 2D ideal: She has curves, but they're not overly exaggerated. /e/'s wardrobe is composed with a goal of accentuating her body, and often wears a Japanese schoolgirl uniform (despite not going to a Japanese school). Otherwise she wears "hot girl clothes" appropriate for the season.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /e/'s a huge weeaboo and focuses exclusively on emulating attractive 2D women. She is an unintentional klutz, which leads to panty shots. She doesn't see it as a big deal, though (most of the "embarrassment" she displays is faked to fit the mood).

Dresses like an attention whore for attention, but is only noticed by those who are looking for her in the first place. Part of the reason is that she doesn't talk very much. And when she does, she's as awkward and autismal as the rest of the weeb boards. But in spite of that, she's positive and friendly - provided she's not being coerced (then comes the hammerspace).

Relationships: Is like a "modest" younger sister to /d/ and /h/ (the key word is "like"), but she tries to avoid them because she considers them to be offensive freaks (despite being lewd and nsfw herself). Is also like an older sister to /c/ (despite the fact that /c/ is technically older): they're both fairly quiet and like to share pictures.

Gets a lot of her source material from /a/, who doesn't care much for her and her panyshots since he has superior and more lewd 2D waifus. She has a huge fondness for /m/, and fantasizes about being the bridge bunny for his fabulous spaceship.

Job: /e/ works as a waitress in /ck/'s diner but aspires to be a model.

Meta Notes[edit]

Joined the house on 01/19/05 with /3/, /g/, and /n/ (then Nature & Wildlife).