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Gender/Physical Description: Female. Caucasian, in the same vein that "we are Japanese but we all look white." Hair is in the blond end of copper-blond, usually in pigtails. Her pigtails go to her waist, but the rest of her hair is shoulder-length. Eyes are purple. Always wears earrings in the shape of "/e/" She is 17, and goes to high school as a senior. /e/ has curves in the right places and has an attractive figure in general. Her breasts are large but not disproportionate top the rest of her figure. She wears a Japanese schoolgirl uniform to school, but her casual attire consists of "hot girl" clothes: tight jeans, tanktops, babydolls, halter tops, etc. During cold months, she can be found wearing a sweater with a skirt. /e/'s wardrobe is composed with a goal of accentuating her body.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /e/ is a social butterfly: she has a deep understanding of social interactions, and can rapidly work her way up to the top of social circles with that knowledge and her good looks. She is an unintentional klutz, primarily for comedic purposes which somehow lead to her exposing more undergarments than she would like to be seen. /e/ is not an attention whore: she naturally turns heads, but her way of dressing is not a way to gain attention. Instead, it is a way for her to conceal deep insecurities about her appearance: she is obsessed with what the perfect body should look like. /e/ resents being associated with the rest of the boards residing in 4chan, she considers them freaks and misfits. She constantly strives to live a "normal" life, but the pursuit is futile (and somewhat endearing).

Relationships: /d/ and /h/ are like siblings to /e/ (the key word is "like"), but she tries to avoid them because she considers them to be offensive freaks.

She has a huge fondness for /m/, and fantasizes about being the bridge bunny for his fabulous spaceship.

Job: /e/ works as a waitress in /ck/'s diner but aspires to be a model.