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Gender/Physical Description: Male. In poor physical condition, as he rarely leaves the basement and sleeps erratically (if at all). Has a thin yet somewhat neck-bearded appearance; also wears glasses. Highly sedentary and living on a diet consisting mostly of snack foods and sodas. However, his inactivity is balanced by his tendency to forget to eat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /g/ loves technology, in much the same way that most people love oxygen. He is good with computers, which he uses to fuel his thirst for the latest technological info. It is unknown how he survives since he does not appear to have a job.

/g/ loves consumer electronics because he gets to further understand why they are botnet shit. /g/ is apt to tinker with GNU/Linux distributions, desktop computer components and ricer tools like Rainmeter. However, he certainly knows more about computers than most people ever care to. It is suspected that he has vast sums of money stored away in the form of Bitcoin. His overconfidence with the machines he tinkers with can lead to some problems, but he always seems to be able to put things back the way they were before he "upgraded" them.

He is arrogant, socially awkward, and at times ill-informed about anything that isn't technology. He is the first person to break the website with some script or other experiment he is trying out. Despite this, everyone still tolerates him.

He hates being tech support with common people especially people who are technology impaired and will often say “Install Gentoo” just to get them buzz off.

Relationships: His perfect storm of rudimentary technical skills, social awkwardness, and inability to understand typical social norms make him relate to /v/, although he resents /v/'s tendency to ask him about grafix.

Pulled together with /a/ to create .pantsu sites after Nyaa and Sukebei got deleted.