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Gender/Physical Description: /jp/-tan is a little azn girl who likes to wear silly hats and frilly dresses. She has black hair in twin braids and wears glasses.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: She's a hikkikomori that spends most of her time alone in her room playing games that most people have never heard of.

She's young, but she acts like she's one of the most (if not THE most) intelligent people in the house. She nitpicks a ton and is strict on proper language and punctuation. Also she has a pet bird that can cook spaghetti.

Was roommates with /a/ because of their shared interests. When asked why she left, she'll say it's because she thought /a/ was too much of a normalfag. But the truth is is she got kicked out because of her extreme obsessions. She has no regrets.

She's a tsundere about Japanese culture. Despite the fact that she's a massive weeaboo and does nothing to hide it, she gets mad when people point it out.

She often attempts to start original projects, but they rarely (if ever) go through.

She compulsively divides female characters into "good girl" and "slut" categories, but generally has no real cohesion as to what sets them apart.

Relationships: /a/'s little sister. She believes /d/ is a "good girl".

She has a somewhat good-relationship with /g/, though no one knows why. Some say it was due to a spell cast by the ancient wizard of /prog/.

Sometimes hangs out with /f/ due to their reclusive natures and love of Touhou.

Bullied by /v/ because she likes Touhou and JRPGs.

Because of her pseudo-intellectual demeanor, she loathes /b/.

Job: Resident master of Touhou.