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Gender/Physical Description: Male, mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Tall and lean, with brown hair and unkempt facial hair that varies between thick sideburns or a beard. Wears a boonie hat or helmet, sunglasses, hunting vest, blue jeans, and hiking boots. There is always a knife on him, and it's always a leatherman kukri smatchet.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: To say /k/ loves his guns is an understatement. While a questionable marksman, he is obsessively affectionate toward all six hundred of his firearms, cleaning and maintaining them with the sort of passion only newlyweds know (arguments included). He has a passion for other weapons as well (exceptions being the katana and any and all mallninja shit) and is extremely knowledgeable about outdoor living. Resides in foxholes and other miserable living conditions because that is what he enjoys.

He seems always ready for a fight and is difficult to catch off-guard. /k/ always has a weapon on his person and knows how to use it to some degree; he also has nest eggs hidden away in the form of supplies, the locations of which only he knows (yet they seem to be everywhere.) Notably the only board never caught by /d/, no matter how hard she tries.

Relationships: /an/'s hunting buddy and romantic interest. Friends with /trv/ the few times he's around. Will oftentimes participate in various wargames with /tg/ but insists upon using actual military techniques. Often has conversations with /x/ about preparing for various forms of the apocalypse or /pol/ about the happening. 4chan is full of misfits, but /k/ is one of the few who wastes his life learning skills with actual practicality. Likes to talk about life and counseling with /d/ because only she actually understands his extreme love for the blade and the gun, and definitely his darker secret of sexualizing them. Would like to lick his blades and play with his guns, but she knows keeping them in prime condition comes first and foremost for /k/.