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Musashi Yuuma and Emi Otonari
/m/ over at /toy/'s
/m/-tan, Origins

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Gender/Physical Description:Inspired by Gavan, Ryoma Nagare's sideburns (Getter Robo); Gundam helmet; Casshern's mask; a showa Kamen Rider scarf; /m/ logo stolen from Titanium Ranger; Zaku shoulderpad (also referencing VOTOMS: The Last Red Shoulder); he has inherited Megaman's Mega Buster (after his untimely death at the hands of Capcom) in the form of the Mega Toaster; his special attack is Colony Drop. Oddly he showed up almost immediately after the old /m/-tan disappeared. Sometimes goes by the name /m/usashi.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: When not lounging around being slow, he argues fiercely even if he is wrong. Considers himself the AkaRed of Gundam, which he is disappointed in these days. Pretends he hates tokusatsu but actually loves it. Builds gunpla but is shit at it, prefers to make SD. He is incredibly indecisive and bickers with himself at crucial times. He also goes on and on about justice and courage. No one has seen his face under the he a cyborg? Is he completely mechanical? Or is he just the previous /m/-tan wearing a spandex costume? Who knows...?

Special Power: Along with an (arguably useless) complete encyclopedic knowledge of tokusatsu and mecha anime from the 1970s to present day, he is capable of hijacking and piloting any giant robot - provided they come into existence in the first place. Failing that, he is adept at hand-to-hand combat, but mainly relies on his Mega Toaster for long range combat and deus-ex-machina power-ups. He can also switch between two head crest designs to gain access to different powers; the Gundam-style v-fin for a 3x boost to his speed, and a Mazinger breastplate style crest for greatly increased defence.

Has two auxiliary back-up mecha in the M-Lion and M-Unicorn (which doubles as a motorcycle) which can combine into a powered armor. Unfortunately /m/ has yet to earn his full license. However, /m/ is incredibly good at soccer. He does have one reliable mecha in SageGaiGar, but for safety reasons it must be approved, and is activated by /e/.

Relationships: Brother of /a/, with whom he quarrels, but often shares an interest. /e/ is /m/'s bridge bunny, or support character, whose romantic advances are obliviously unnoticed; /m/ is much more interested in /toy/ for her mechanical form, and she is the only one he lets touch his Gunpla. Their relationship blossomed after he asked her to the 4chan Summer prom with a colony drop. Allies with /co/ in the fight against crime. Somewhat chummy with /v/ for the latter's admiration of Kamen Rider, but prefers Super Robot Wars to most modern gaming. /mu/'s fans often heckle him, because he lives right next door, thinking he's a member of Daft Punk. Has a precarious but friendly relationship with /tg/. Due to his great soccer skill, he has a not-so-friendly rivalry with /sp/.

Job: No real job, but has experience in mechanics. Spends his time fighting crime, or at least pretending to. Rumor has it he works in a bakery. It is also said he designed and built the deadliest machines known to man: ENIS, VA-INA, AN-L and TUL-BAWCS, but they've never been seen.

Historic /m/-tan[edit]

He just might be A CHAR

Gender/Physical Appearance: Male. Has a bishonen, yet rugged and hotblooded, look. Long, red hair. He is never seen without his trademark bandanna and wild, fiery sideburns. Has a small scar on his face over his eye. He went missing months ago, and has not been seen since. Some claim that hes still alive in a new form

/a/ considers him extremely pretty, and is secretly jealous of him for that. Even though he has a scar running down his chest and on his arms he proudly leaves his hairless chest bare for all to see. The one exception to that rule is when he is piloting his mech.

He frequently wore his shirt tied around his waist while he was tinkering with his mech, or attempting to modify any of the household appliances.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: /m/ seemed to spend most of his time preparing for some epic battle that only he was aware of. He could be seen constantly tinkering with various household electronics, training his body or upgrading not only his mech but various appliances around the house. When not preparing for an obscure epic battle, /m/ enjoyed watching mecha anime series to relax. This was the only time /a/ could hang out with him and not freak out over how damn pretty he is.

He seemed to have dissociative identity disorder, going from Hotblooded super robot hero to concerned real robot hero. While in his Super robot hero identity he had a tendency toward the dramatic, occasionally giving long hotblooded monologues when he became excited. He also went out of his way to be "manly", which had an opposite effect on the males of 4chan house, since most write him off as a homo.

When his Real robot personality was out he tended to become overly concerned about others almost to the point where he can feel others feelings. However he didn’t know how to express this to the others around him, he explained it as feeling “pressure” from someone.

In general, /m/ welcomed a challenge and lived for a chance to prove that he is the hero that he knew himself to be. /m/ is oblivious to the advances of the various female characters swooning over him, often comically so. He was secretly a lolicon, and had an attraction to /toy/ he is somewhat unaware of.

He also tended to enter rooms by using a Rider kick on the doors, and always wound up fixing said door later in the day. In addition to his repair skills, he had an expansive model collection. He displayed this model collection atop his old cardboard mecha box that he created in his earlier years.

Relationships: /m/ got along well with /g/, since they both enjoyed tinkering/upgrading things, and can work together on /m/'s mech. /e/ was constantly hounding him for attention, which he was completely oblivious to. He enjoyed his regular anime sessions with /a/ and /toy/, though it seems that /a/ couldn't tolerate him the rest of the time for some reason. He also got along with /v/ and could sometimes be seen battling with him in Armored Core or discussing Super Robot Wars , although he's completely oblivious to /v/ and /a/'s love/hate relationship, unlike /co/. He played a lot with /toy/, and helped her construct models from various mecha series. He was very close to her, almost too close. He had an odd relationship with /o/ as he loved to ride his motorcycle around and talk with /o/ about riding, but nobody from the house ever saw them together. Occasionally recognized /tg/ for his model making skills, but never really cared for playing games with them.

Job: He was a mechanic when he disappeared. He was previously working at a Hobby shop, only to be fired due to him hiding the new and best models for himself.