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/mlp/'s (former) relationship with /pol/
/mlp/'s current relationship with /pol

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Gender/Physical Description: Female, lanky and a bit on the scrawny side. Pale, with dyed purple hair (though originally brown), wears glasses, Twilight Sparkle earrings or hair clip. Like her older brother /co/ (who has since disowned her entirely), she dons a fedora, though a gray one. She mostly wears her hat to cover up a plastic unicorn horn she accidentally glued to her forehead. She has a cutie mark (from which pony exactly may vary) tattooed on her left thigh and is terrified of anyone finding out about it. You can see her wearing a pony t-shirt (though like the cutie mark, this varies) with a grey jacket/hoodie and a pair of jeans or grey pants when in public, which is semi rare.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: /mlp/ is desperate for attention and acceptance, however, she fails at every turn due to her obsessive nature towards whatever her latest interest is. While she loves Ponies, she hates the fanbase, particularly Ponychan and Equestria Daily. Despite this, she does still keep an eye on what they're up to, and is somehow subscribed to the the physical Equestria Daily ("I only read it for the episode links!"). She is talented at drawing (ponies), sculpting (pony toys), sewing (ponies), writing (pony fanfiction), making music remixes (of My Little Pony songs), and baking bread. She also has a strange obsession with socks and often-times helps with charity events of all sorts. Her favorite food is spaghetti.

Relationships: While conceited in terms of her own interests, she is quick to warm up to any visitors and will fight tooth and nail to be noticed or at least acknowledged, even if the attention is negative. Being the annoying little sister of /co/, he usually pushes her away and tries to ignore her. Most of the boards regard her with disdain at best. /x/ holds a grudge against her for stealing her socks numerous times, and for dabbling into tulpae, which /mlp/ continues to fail miserably at trying to create. She very briefly dated /b/ (though he might argue nothing ever actually happened) and is often hostile towards him, pelting him with small toy ponies. She has an unhealthy crush on /k/ after a single instance where he complimented and acted kindly towards her. /v/ really, really, really hates her. A lot. Especially when she tries to create her own games and dabble on his 'turf'. She does get along pretty well with his daughter, Vivian, at least while he's too busy with Tumblr to do something about it. Speaking of Tumblr, she dislikes it just as much as the rest of 4chan boards. Unlike them, however, she usually comes out on top (literally?). /vg/ is more tolerant towards her, but will deny they're friends if asked. She occasionally plays 40k with /tg/ and likes him (the feeling is anything but mutual), though she bothers him by replacing some miniatures with ponies and painting them with tiny cutie marks and rainbows. She also owns a full Wh:FB army of Bre-pony-a, which is a Bretonnia army taking full advantage of the relaxed proxy rules in Fantasy Warhammer (there is not a single GW, nor non-pony model in it), and she's actually very good with it. Young /s4s/ is like a sister to her and she often volunteers to babysit her. As of late 2012, she was in a surprisingly stable relationship with /pol/. Upon hearing of this her older brother /co/ seemed to regret disowning her, if only for a moment. "She was just too young." This period of course passed once she got to enjoy the show again and she dumped /pol/ just a bit shy of a year later. She successfully asked /d/ out on the Winter Ball 2014 and just like one would expect they got along just fine, sharing many a thing together. She also has had decent relations and played often with /u/ but they aren't allowed to hang out anymore due to peer pressure.

Has now entered officially into a relationship with /pol/ again as of the 2017 April fool's day debacle whereupon they were both locked in a broom cupboard together for an entire day and found they had more in common than they thought. Rumours of a Pregnancy continue to circulate, as nobody can be sure whether the existence of /mlpol/ will continue to exist or flounder.

On the 5th of April, /mlpol/, /pol/ and /mlp/'s child, was killed by mods. This has, obviously, not been good for his mental state, and both /pol/ and /mlp/ are looking into occult means of retrieving /mlpol/ from the underworld with the help of /x/, much to the dismay of other boards, who have to listen to their ramblings.

Special Power: The ability to fail at almost everything when she thinks anyone (especially any of the other board) might be watching as she tries to act cool, however when no one else is around for her to try and impress she begins to fully indulge in her obsession, showing off real creativity and talent. Also has a pet/sidekick, Derpy Hooves, who may or may not actually exist, though is known to chase the mailman. Her toy unicorn horn sometimes actually works, but no one knows how or why. When asked, she says it's the magic of friendship but everyone knows she's just as clueless about it as everyone else, if not more so.

Changes: Currently a work in progress