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/mlpol/-tan and Grandpa Jerry
Teen /mlpol/, when he starts getting into collecting copious amounts of horse pornography and discussing politics and philosophy

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Gender/Physical Description: Male, Young and somewhat lean, takes after his father in terms of body. Pale, with Black hair and Purple eyes. Wears pajamas most of the time, of varying types, usually something either My Little Pony themed or Nazi themed, dependant on who dressed him that morning. Carries around a blanket stitched together out of two blankets, one covered in cutie marks and the other in swastikas.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: /mlpol/ is a happy accident that occurred between /pol/ and /mlp/ and has inherited the most positive aspects of both. Enjoys watching my little pony on the TV when Grandpa Jerry falls asleep, also enjoys spouting what he hears his dad say very loudly in public, to the usual disapproval of passersby, despite not knowing what most of it means.

Grandpa Jerry: Grandpa Jerry, despite not being related to /mlpol/ by blood, takes care of /mlpol/ for his parents when they are away doing other things, which for people as autistic as /pol/ and /mlp/ is often a lot. Grandpa Jerry is a British Colonial soldier who participated in the African expeditions to claim territory for the British empire. He considers these his glory days, and it is through this line of work that he met /pol/ after they began chatting in a pub. Grandpa Jerry owns a big blunderbuss he doesn't have a licence for and uses it to shoot anyone he considers a threat, which is usually black people and Jews, due to both his experiences in Africa and his relationship with /pol/. Because all his children and grandchildren have their own lives and didn't visit him anymore he jumped at the opportunity to look after /mlpol/. He rambles about old war stories and /mlpol/ listens intently until Jerry falls asleep, then /mlpol/ goes and watched my little pony until he also falls asleep. Jerry has a big scar on his belly he got from wrestling with a warthog during his first expedition, and he tells people 9 different stories as to how he got it.

Relationships: /mlpol/ has not had much chance to interact with other people, he has a few preconceived prejudices towards the people who occasionally yell at him in public because he's related to /pol/ and /mlp/. Hates /qa/ despite not knowing why, because his parents both hate /qa/ for putting them together on April fool's day out of spite for both of them. Loves his Grandpa Jerry, who agreed to take care of /mlpol/ during the extended honeymoon /pol/ and /mlp/ took together after /mlpol/ was conceived, and continues to do so when needed, which is often. /mlpol/ loves his parents /mlp/ and /pol/, but sometimes wonders why they don't spend as much time with him as they could.

Recent Activity: Recently, /mlpol/ was discovered by mods, kidnapped and taken to a stasis chamber to be studied until they can decide what to do with him. While there, he made friends with his cousin /cock/, /fitlit/, /fap/, /can/, /mo/ then later /outsoc/, /spa/, /mtv/ and /vint/, who were all there to be studied as abominations by the mods. He was only friends with them because of his imprisonment, but nonetheless had a soft spot for some of them, despite their general hatred for him in return. Things took a turn for the worse, when on April 3rd, 2017 he fell into a coma, His life teetering between life and death. On April 5th, /mlpol/ died.