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Gender/Physical Description: A teenage girl with green hair, cat ears, and a park ranger hat. She wears a girl scout uniform by default, but changes into whatever's appropriate when she goes /out/. Is way overprepared for everything.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Spends most of her time outdoors, unlike most of the other boards.

Dispenses tips like a vending machine does cans. Otherwise doesn't socialize too much with the other boards since she spends so much time innawoods. Would invite the other boards to go camping if they wouldn't be a bunch of whiny faggots about it. She lets the other boards do their thing while she does hers.

She hates how she's the one that board cancer is most-often directed to.

Relationships: She's /k/ and /an/'s daughter. /k/ is a bit of an overprotective father. They all go on hunting and camping trips together.

She went with /mu/ to the 2015 autism festival. They found a mutual interest in dandelion coffee and shitty campfire songs.

She sometimes crosses paths with /trv/ on her travels.

Was merged with /soc/ On April Fool's Day 2017. She nearly drowned in a sea of normalfaggotry.

Meta Notes[edit]

Was added on 03/18/13 with /asp/, /gd/, /lgbt/, and /vr/.

Her origins can be traced to an old /k/ thread[1], in which a user known as "Just for now." had an unspecified neuro-degenerative disease and lamented that he would never be able to teach his daughter Galaxy the joys of gun ownership and the outdoors. Without an actual picture of Galaxy (the one in the thread was removed), she was imagined as a little cat girl with a bulletproof vest. When the board was added, Galaxy-tan became /out/-tan, and was refurbished to fit the board themes.