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/qst/-tan has joined your party!

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Gender/Physical Description: Generally depicted as a very young boy since /qst/ is a very young board, just recently created in April, 2016. /qst/-tan is short and childlike, somewhere between three to four feet tall. His clothing is pretty normal for a child, usually consisting of a colorful short-sleeved shirt, denim shorts with a belt, short socks and sneakers. He also often wears a kerchief, bandana or scarf tied loosely around his neck. However /qst/-tan's most distinguishing characteristic is how he chooses to equip himself for his adventures, "scavenging" household items to turn into gear. He is rarely seen without his "magic helmet" -a metal cooking pan with a pair of pantsu stretched across the top- and of course no adventurer is complete without his trusty sword and shield board, both of which are actually boards.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Although short in stature, /qst/-tan has an almost unmatched imagination and a love of adventuring that only a child could have. Active and energetic, he sometimes comes across as naive when dealing with older board-tans. He loves playing games with others, and will frequently try to get others to play with him, but he's just as content to play by himself. As a child with no cares or responsibilities every day is just a new adventure, and /qst/-tan is the adventurer. He spends most of his time playing pretend -not "pretend!"- but will sometimes play more traditional tabletop games or vidya if that's what others are playing.

Relationships: /qst/-tan is often seen as /tg/'s baby-bro, and the two have the sort of loving but quarrelsome relationship that siblings with a large age divide generally have, but some believe he may secretly be /tg/'s son. /qst/-tan likes to play with some of the other younger board-tans, such as /out/, /cm/ and [s4s]-tan, although sometimes the other older boards will take time out of their day to play with him, give him cool adventuring gear to play with, and fill his head with ideas for his next quest, then send him back home when he gets too annoying.