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Gender/Physical Description: Little girl. Probably born with one or more congenital diseases. Always wears a "TOPLEL" cap with a small propeller at the top. According to her, this propeller allows her to fly, but this is still to be proved. She is almost always wearing shirts or plain dresses with memes or catchphases on them.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: [s4s] spends most of her time in her room, looking at the many posters full of pictures of Lup, Costanza, Les Claypool and many others. Other than that, she only leaves her room to "make keks" for the rest of the 4chan house or randomly come to the other boards to hug them, scream "GET" and leave. Speaks with either very short or nonsensical sentences, often just one word long, or incredibly long speeches. Polite and accepting, but a bit bossy towards people who aren't. Likes to spout random meme references at random times. Often creates her own new "memes" and tries to get them trending amongst the other members of the house, with limited success.

Special Power: According to her, she has all kind of supernatural powers. There is no proof of that to this day. She often carries a bag full of "kek" which seems impossible to be empty. Offers a fortune-telling service, but it's about as accurate as fortune cookie fortunes. She has a deadly strike rate with stealing other board's GETs. She appears to have some sort of sixth sense, in which she can detect when someone in the house even mentions the slightest reference to repeating digits in conversation, and then come to derail the topic with dubs.

Relationships: [s4s] is not very remarkable in the house, in fact, some boards often forget that she exists. She gets bullied a lot, especially by /a/. She looks to /mlp/ as her sister, and /mlp/ is happy to babysit her if needed. Most other boards don't relate with her, until she comes up to check their dubs, to which they tell her to go back to her room. In the case of quints or higher, most boards will rage, while the odd few might praise her. During the Cuckening, /pol/ sought refuge in [s4s]'s room for a few weeks. [s4s] was happy to let /pol/ stay while she trashed /pol/'s room a bit more. Boards that share some of her memes, like /int/ or /sp/, could have a soft spot for her. Sometimes plays with other child boards, like /i/ and /c/.

Of her few real relationships, she's considered a good friend of /bant/, the two meeting when [s4s] walked into /bant/- during a session of /bant/ Kingdom searching for GETs, noticing all the potential memes she's playing with, including the popular digits meme Cirno, which is how /bant/ learned about GETs. The two play make-believe with each other, with Keksandra bringing in her own memes and occasionally ruining things because she's sometimes too weird for /bant/ to handle. When it comes to GET gathering they treat themselves as friendly rivals.

Job: Underage, but doesn't go to school.