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Gender/Physical Description: Male. Average height, brown hair that is either loose or in a ponytail. Often has slight stubble, particularly around his neck. Used to be very fat, but lost the weight several years ago, and now usually tends more to skeletal or gangly than a healthy weight. An Angry Marine logo is typically worn on his person somewhere as an indicator, usually on a red t-shirt when the setting allows it.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /tg/ is an obsessive fan of many tabletop and pen-and-paper games, the foremost being Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40,000; his passion for this was once so immense he forbid talking about anything else. Considers his appearance to be irrelevant, and would rather spend money on new WH40k figurines than clothes. On his figurine-laden bookshelf he has dedicated space away from the rulebooks of countless systems to house a dozen card binders full of TCG cards, though mostly Magic cards. Occasionally he becomes impossible to interact with unless you play it off as a roleplaying game, including rolling dice and skill checks, and will uncommonly enter a fey mood of wild crafting and wilder yelling. Despite all this, he's one of the easier to talk to boards.

He's also angry; angry about elves.

Relationships: /tg/ and /co/ were best friends right from the beginning. He also was on good terms with /v/, /ck/, /x/, /k/, and several other boards to varying degrees. Like most boards he can't stand /b/. He's not super fond of /a/, though there are a few shows they can both agree on watching.

For a short while /tg/ had a crush on /ck/, which caused quite a row with /co/ who also fancied her. Their friendship was damaged by the altercation, and /tg/ was hurt when /ck/ chose /co over him, but he got better. /tg/ made amends with both of them.

/x/ and /tg/ grew close over a shared interest in lovecraftian horror. When /b/ invaded her room, shitting up the place like a wild monkey, /tg/ offered to let /x/ stay with him. /x/ and /tg/ started dating then, and things were good. For a while, anyway. /tg/ helped clean up her room after /b/ left, and /x/ seemed to be in a better mental state with him. It didn't last though. /x/ started to fall apart, her own psychological issues compounded by exposure to /b/. After a long downward spiral in their relationship, one terminal fight broke out, ending the whole thing. /tg/ was angry that she was hanging out with /b/, /x/ was angry with /tg/ for being a dick about who she hangs with, and /x/ dumped him. /tg/ was initially angry, but mostly just sad at these events. /x/ has made a turn for the worse recently, and /tg/'s just upset that there's nothing he can really do about it. The two have tried reconnecting as friends over the Winter Ball of 2015 to fairly decent success, though he realizes that /x/ will never be the same as she was.

He used to play Dwarf Fortress, Mechwarrior, and Minecraft with /v/ sometimes, before giving up, deciding it was too much effort to deal with his tantrums.

/tg/ tends to keep to himself nowadays, although he does still hang out with /vp/ and the FLGS now and then.

After originally taking the /vp/ twins to the 2014 winter ball out of a mixture of pity and rejection from /d/, /tg/ grew very close to both of them over the course of the event, so much so that he asked them to go again in 2015. It isn't a rare sight to see /tg/ teaching them new tabletop games or learning the intricacies of Pokemon breeding. They have even become honorary members of the FLGS and can often be found playing D&D with /tg/, /m/, /toy/, and /co/. It is no secret that /vp/ has a MASSIVE crush on /tg/. After two years of conflicting emotions /tg/ has finally decided to return their affection and give a relationship a shot, hoping to seal the deal by defeating them in a Pokemon battle.