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/m/ asks /toy/ out

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The /toy/ board is split into two tans, who are roommates, Danbeard and Tori.

Gender/Physical Description: Tori aka /Toy/ tan: Female. Tori is a teen girl with doll joints.(not shown in picture) She sometimes wears t shirts that are too big for her, usually hanging over one shoulder, and a baseball cap, or just goes "naked" with painted body. Toris limbs, being doll joints, can be removed, and she can still retain feeling and movement in them, even when not attached. She has two main heads she tends to use. The short haired with cowlick, or the longer haired with ballcap. Tori has the ability to swap her limbs, and has a closet full of other crazy parts she can swap.

Danbeard: Male. Chubby guy in a cardboard robot mask.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Tori is surprisingly nice, usually seen playing with /c/ /i/ or /cm/. She is very adventurous and playful. Went to prom with /m/, started dating.

Danbeard represents a mix between western collectors, and some of the more negative members of the board. (he is newer, and Tori being around longer could partially represent what the board used to be like, which is widely viewed as having been more friendly for the most part)He seems to prefer western toys, and tends to be vocal about "weeb shit" though he secretly likes some of it, and when caught will make excuses in an almost tsundere like way. He's a bit of a jerk, and can't be grumpy when he doesnt get his way. Hates children.

Relationships: Tori rooms with Danbeard, and treats /trv/ as a father figure, even though he is almost never home. She instead spends her time wandering around the 4chan house and playing with the other children, She also seems to like the mini's in /tg/s room, as well at the stories of heroes and adventure that /co/ tells. She is friends with /d/ (she likes /d/s "toys" and /d/ likes her because of the dolljoint fetish, and toris ability to partswap means she can become any number of monster girls or other fetishes")

Danbeard initially did not want Tori as a roommate, but she convinced him because splitting rent would save them money for toys. He was grumpy about this compromise despite enjoying the extra toy money. Relations with other boards haven't really been discussed yet.

/ck/ looks after Tori in a motherly way. For some unknown reasons, /g/ seems to think/thought that /trv/ wants him to keep an eye on her.

/m/, Tori and /a/ can always agree on one thing, despite seeming differences in character and personality: Fireball is epic. For them at least.

She is now dating /m/.

Job: Helps take care of the boards children.