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Gender/Physical Description: Male. His actual features are of much debate, as no one can seem to agree what he really looks like. This may be because of the distracting attire he wears, usually consisting of a variety of hats, khaki shorts and some truly horrendous Hawaiian shirts. More likely, this is because the pictures in the postcards he sends back never contain a clear shot of his face. Somehow it manages to get blocked out of every picture, or lost during photo development.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: It's hard to say what /trv/'s true personality is, as he is always traveling rather than chatting. In the postcards he frequently sends home, he seems to be a jovial, if sometimes rash, individual. His kindness, however, can not be disputed, as he acts like a father to /toy/ and /c/. It seems that /trv/ expects /g/ to look after them while he is gone.

/Nikki/ communicates in the form of postcards, to be read at the indicated time. The comments seem random at first, but are oddly fitting when read at the correct time.

Out of the huge number of postcards he sends back, a fair number of them contain what seem to be fragments of conversation which only make sense at a later date. It is not unusual for a randomly picked up postcard to contribute to the current conversation, if not appearing to be an actual response to something just spoken aloud.

Relationships: /trv/ has more or less adopted both /c/ and /toy/, sending them postcards and gifts often. He also sends gifts to a number of the other inhabitants of the 4chan house, usually accompanied by a note saying only "Saw this and thought of you." He seems to have a past connection to /g/, but the nature of this is unknown.

Job: Unknown. While /trv/ often reports doing odd jobs in his travels, it is implied that he does them more for the thrill then the money.