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/v/ and his peers

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Gender/Physical Description: White male (literally) between the ages of twelve and thirty. Has a cueball head and bushy eyebrows; his expressions vary between quiet contempt and autistic rage. The most simple of any board-tan, given he is arguably the first to exist. Anyone who argues otherwise should go back to Reddit. His 8chan form, sometimes called "Punished /v/" noticeably looks more weathered and sports the bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid V.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Prefers the PC to any console, unless he decides the opposite. Will refer to any and all games as "casual," will deride people who play them despite doing so himself. An argumentative snob when it comes to anything. Despite being a socially-stunted manchild, has a reasonably accurate (if not exaggerated and cynical) view of things no one would figure he'd know anything about. Blatant misanthrope, often times a fatalist. Openly hostile if he finds something he disagrees with.

/v/ is frequently inappropriate, and has been compared to /b/ in that regard. He likes "mature games for mature gamers such as himself" and strongly despises casual gaming, although he will participate in it from time to time. Hates the video game industry and anyone who participates in it, often to the point where it can be inferred he simply hates video games. Pirates games frequently.

Special Power: Being a gigantic faggot about everything, predicting repeating numbers.

Relationships: His hand. But besides that, /v/ appears to have recently adopted a daughter named Vivian James. She likes to play video games almost as much as /v/ is assumed to. She bears a disgruntled attitude similar to her (presumably) adoptive father, however her mood does not stem from cynicism or self-hatred or loneliness, just general surliness.

/vr/ is his older brother who sticks to old shit. /vg/ is his younger brother who can actually focus on a topic for more than 5 seconds. It's a mystery where the fuck the /vp/ twins came from, but he assumes they're related to him as well. He doesn't get along with any of them because they actually like vidya.