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Gender/Physical Description: A young lad with shaggy hair that is preternaturally gray for his age. To show off his wealth /vip/-tan is prone to wearing outfits so fucking ostentatious that it would make you gag (unless you happen to be Craig Sager, Don Cherry or Matthew Lesko). Most often depicted wearing a gold blazer over a gaudy green dress shirt, patterned with dollar signs, along with dress slacks that are also either gold to match his jacket or plain black. Has a clover-shaped lapel pin to make sure everybody knows he has a 4chan Pass. He wears a belt with the word /vip/ inscribed on the silver rectangular buckle. A gold top hat with a black band crowns his head and he usually wears black sunglasses. His eyes are green, although rarely ever seen because of his penchant for wearing shades. He has a single gold incisor in his top row of teeth. He carries a black cane tipped by a fist-sized diamond and often smokes cigars. Crumpled dollars are haphazardly stuffed into his pockets to the point they are over-flowing, which he is extremely nonchalant about.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: He considers himself excessively wealthy and doesn't mind showing it in the most gauche ways possible. Whether he actually is, or what he actually did to earn the money he flaunts so flagrantly is unknown, and really irrelevant in most people's opinions. His hobbies are throwing around money and making sure other people see him doing it, often laughing maniacally at poorfags who can't afford to throw money away like he can, or have the good sense not to.

Relationships: Doesn't really seem to have any. Even Hiroshimoot probably just considers him a useful idiot. The only possible exception may be Keksandra. Most others think he's a asshole on account of him acting exactly like an asshole would. /vip/-tan doesn't care though, as far as he's concerned they hate him 'cause they ain't him.