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Current image of the /vp/-tans along with Tentaquil

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Gender/Physical Description: Due to the fact /vp/ has two very different sides, there are two different /vp/-tans. The male tan wears blue jeans and a jacket that partially covers a shirt with "/vp/" written on it; his hair resembles that of Gary "DICKS" Oak, though it is usually covered up by a cap resembling that of the character Red from the games, albeit with the 4chan logo on it. The female tan has a high-contrast purple and black outfit, with goggles she never seems to use adorning the top of her head, and her lower body sporting shorts that are comfy and easy to wear. She has a nametag that says "Hi! My name is /vp/". To distinguish which one you're talking about, the male is referred to as "Viol" while the female is "Vanille"

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: The male tan is a closet furry that also embodies competitive Pokémon battling; holds Smogon in high regards. The female tan is a lot more open about her furry fetish, and plays Pokémon for the fun of it, idolizing Karen. They are often seen playing DS together, battling with their Pokémon (all of which are named "DlCKS"). They refuse to go anywhere by plane unless they've traveled there on foot first, as a result they are never too far from the mansion. Both know a bit more about Pokémon genitalia than what is appropriate for kids their age, when the male is questioned about it he claims it's to ensure proper Pokémon breeding so he can get Pokémon with perfect IVs, while the female just tells the truth.

Relationships: The /vp/-tans have a love-hate relationship with their older brother or close relative /v/ due to the fact that he is the only family they have, yet he treats them like crap. /a/ generally acts like a mother to them whenever she comes up to /vp/, despite her and /v/ kicking them out at ten years old. Almost every Pokémon that has become a meme has come from /b/; Shiny Pidgey, Mudkip, Slowpoke, Seaking… More recently, /b/ has found new material to grudge with /vp/ over: For the 4chan 2012 Winter Ball, /b/'s date /soc/ dumped /b/ last minute to attend the ball with the more gentlemanly /vp/. As many anon know, /b/ does not forgive or forget and /vp/ should expect them. It seems most of the boards ignore them on the whole, so long as they don't get under anyone's feet. They maintain a child-like innocence of guns and remain unafraid of /k/'s antics, though /x/ can easily scare them, so long ghost-type and dark-type Pokémon are involved. Vanille has been dating /tg/ for a while now (though officially everything's just platonic). Viol comes along on every date, supposedly just to make sure Teej doesn't try anything. No homo, though. Definitely not. Not at all. Nope.

Job: They are just kids; though they seem to think that killing wild animals get them money. They DO find oddly valuable items while walking around or 'digging in the underground'. Notably solid gold nuggets, though this seems to have avoided attention thus far.