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Twins Jay (JRPG) and Wes (WRPG), the board-tans of /vrpg/.

Board created: July 31st, 2020
Notable for being the eighth image board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan.

Art Archive for /vrpg/:

Jay (JRPG) & Wes (WRPG)[edit]

Since there is a massive split between Japanese and Western RPGs, /vrpg/'s board-tan is represented by a pair of fraternal twins: Jay for Japanese RPGs and Wes for Western RPGs. The two are often at odds with each other and this represents both how the board is forced to co-exist and that these characters were created at the same time.

Jay (JRPG) Class: Red Mage|Beastmaster|Mimic (job swapper)
Female. Jay is depicted with pig tails with pink hair-dye, red eyes, and a white mage outfit with a "J" logo, and a witch hat with a Slime. The "J" is sometimes on the hat and she carries a staff or other accessories as needed.

Jay is a huge fujo with chuuni-like behavior or sterotypical JRPG traits and likes to job swap. She has increased int when she wears her slime hat, and she seems to have feelings for her brother. She is a human slowpoke.

Wes (WRPG) Class: Knight/Gunslinger (minmaxer)
Male. Wes is depicted wearing a knight helmet with sunglasses, blue eyes over the sunglasses, a crossed out "E" compass rose on his chest. He is sometimes depicted with a pip boy on his arm, sword/gun, and/or cowboy hat with "W", trenchcoat with "W".

Wes is an autistic minmaxer but arbitrarily chooses when and where to minmax based on whims, "muh roleplaying", irrational bias and sheer pettiness. He used to go through an Earthbound/Undertale phase, and is extremely insecure about it despite it lasting less than a week. He desperately wants to come off as cool. He always starts fights over JRPG's with his sisters and insults them whenever he can. He had a growth spurt and is one minute older than Jay.

Party Members[edit]

Because every RPG needs a party.

Game Night with Hoe-chan (HRPG), Emmy "Moe" (MMORPG), Jay (JRPG) and Wes (WRPG).

Hoe-chan (HRPG) Class: Rogue/Healer/Succubus (Debuffer,Healslut)
Female. Hoe is a shapeshifter that can change her form at will and is depicted with a different color pallete each time. Her main form has bunny ears, "H" hairpin with infinity symbol, scarf, and skimpy clothing. She mainly seems to just switch between loli and adult form most of the time.

Hoe is sweet, mischievious, naughty, a tease, and semi-unreliable but independent. Hoe is a horny chameleon, and just like in nature, she uses her shapeshifting skills and colors to attract a mate. She seems to stick around Jay, Wes, and Moe. She often bullies Jay. Hoe and Moe are buddies on the side who hang out and do stupid stuff together

Emmy Moe (MMORPG) Class: Necromancer (Revived miqo'te)
Moe is a dead female skeleton that wears a purple dress.

Moe is very lonely, friendly, motherly, semi-reliable but dependent and overly-patient (gained through her grinding patience for mmorpgs). Moe seems to dote on Jay and Wes despite being mostly neglected in return. She used to practice necromancy before she died and Jay revived her using an expired potion that only halfway worked. She gets along well with Hoe.

Jay's Pets/Summons
Beetleson is a stag beetle with superhuman speed and strength that can change his size. He has a knack for interrupting Wes' game sessions and causing bugs and glitches in them. Jay either got him from collecting beetles, buying him from a shopkeeper, or Moe gave Jay a special event mount for her birthday.

Hat-Slime is usually attached to Jay's witch hat giving her, or anyone who wears it increased INT. Hat-Slime can transfer 500+ INT by using Mana Drain to Jay and stays with her because she can feed its mana addiction. Hat-Slime was cursed with an INT curse or just has unnaturally high INT, but he is a threat to the slime kingdom. Hat-Slime introduced currency into the slime kingdom with his increased INT and/or his rare Spawn Drops. King Slime then ordered Hat-Slime's death and had an army march to execute Hat-Slime. Hat-Slime and Jay were cornered by the King Slime and narrowly escaped with the help of Beetleson and Wes.

Hat-Slime Depictions:
-uses mana drain to give increased INT to Jay
-uses mana drain gives Jay increased INT but forces her to remain as a little girl
-gives increased INT to anyone who wears it
-could be a mimic
-could be using an illusion spell to appear as a girl
-could be a regular witch hat

Relationships To Other Boards[edit]

Jay & Wes' dad is /vr/, mother unknown. She might be Moe but she doesn't say. /v/ kicked them out, still mad over the split. The /vp/ twins are their cousins who they used to play with. Wes stopped talking to them, but Jay still does. Uncle /tg/ likes Jay & Wes even if they're being little shits ruining his games. Jay gets along with her cousin /vmg/ as they are both Gacha addicts, but /vmg/ often takes their money.

Hoe is the bastard child of /d/, /aco/, /vg/ or/and whoever else. She could be related to /d/ or J/aco/lyn. Hoe could be Jay & Wes younger half-sister, as well as /co/lette being her aunt and deelete her half-sister. Hoe parent's could also be J/aco/lyn and /vg/ but nobody knows for sure.