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Gender/Physical Description: A man over his mid-twenties who dresses in a business casual-style befitting his office job. His hair is blonde and slicked back with sideburns. He always has just the faintest hint of stubbly five o'clock shadow on his chin, no matter the time, as if not shaving clean is just one tiny way for him to passively rebel against office conformity. He has thick black eyebrows and thick square-framed glasses. He generally wears blue dress shirts, rolling the sleeves up to above his elbows, with black slacks, white socks, stylish dressy black shoes and a round-faced smartwatch on his left wrist. His belt has a silver rectangular buckle with /wsg/ engraved on it. He often wears ties, his favorite being a black and white tie that tapers into an arrow with the words To Be Continued running down it.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: /wsg/ is a pretty cool dude underneath his professional attitude, which he puts aside at times to cut loose responsibly. He's the type of guy who, when he goes out for drinks, would actually get a designated driver. He considers himself hip and trendy, and tries not to think of himself as defined by his job, although to a large degree he is. He depends on his job, and to lose it would be devastating to him, so although he does things at his own pace and slacks off at times, he'll always buckle down at the last moment and prove to be a diligent worker. When he does slack off at work, he spends most of his time watching countless GIFs to waste time. He has an oddly short attention span, with individual things rarely able to keep his attention for more than half a minute, so GIFs are just perfect to him. But despite his attention deficit /wsg/ somehow manages to take a lot in during that short time, learning new things through a sort of osmosis. Due to the amount of tidbits he's picked up in this manner he's rather relateable and can talk to many other board-tans about their interests. Though you wouldn't think so, he is actually a pretty good dancer and rarely passes up an opportunity to show off his funky fresh moves, most of which he learned just watching clips online. After work and on weekends is when he can finally unwind a little more than usual, though he generally just relaxes at home to stay out of trouble.

Job: /wsg/-tan is an office worker, though exactly where is unknown. He is appreciative of his job, though doesn't do a lot to advance up the ladder and is laid back to a large degree. However, the thought of being fired and someone beneath him being promoted due to his carelessness is a constant worry. To prevent this he never browses NSFW stuff at work, since if he were to get caught he would most assuredly be canned.

Relationships: /wsg/-tan claims to be related to /gif/, though it was never specified exactly how. The two aren't very close due to /gif/'s sordid proclivities; getting caught with /gif/ at an inopportune moment could put /wsg/'s career at risk, so they usually avoid one another. Since /wsg/'s job kept him so busy he never really got around to making friends despite his age. He did have a pet dog named Gabe, but he recently passed away, though sometimes he still swears he can hear him borking.