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Gender/Physical Description: A young girl with mint green hair and matching green eyes. /wsr/-tan dresses very much in the fashion of a Touhou. She wears a black witch's hat with a white bow around it, as well as a black dress with a darker green undershirt and a white ribbon tied around her waist. She has a large magical spoon which she can ride like a witch's broom to fly, stir the sauce in her cauldron, or force-feed ungrateful anons and newfags their sauce.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /wsr/-tan's personality is heavily tied in with her job, and her job is helping people who have requests. When given a trivial or stupid request she often gets irritable, smacking people with her spoon, insulting and berating them to "lurk moar" or "use the catalog." However, when presented with a challenge, she is a lot more interested and will try her utmost to get the sauce the person requires. Due to her nature as a purveyor of worksafe sauce she has an uncanny ability to not perceive things that are not worksafe.

Relationships: Having only been around since December of 2015, she hasn't made a lot of inroads with other board-tans yet, further complicated by her job of providing sauce to the masses keeping her so busy. However, she finds time on special occasions to take some time off and socialize. [s4s]-tan and /c/-tan have at least made attempts to befriend her, while /aco/-tan has tried to spend time with her while she's on the job, generally with counter-productive results.

Job: /wsr/-tan helps people who have requests, getting them the sauce they so desperately need. Sometimes she seems to regret her job, while other times she seems more than happy to be doing it depending on the challenge involved.